RightShip launch: Global Inspection activity map

At RightShip we know how vital it is to ensure that a vessel stays ‘fit for purpose’. A RightShip inspection can help ensure a vessel not only complies with international regulations, but also adopts industry best operating practices. 

Shipowners frequently ask us where, and when, they can get their vessels inspected. To assist we are now sharing key insights into the ever-changing restrictions by launching an ‘Global Inspections activity map’ showing where, around the globe, RightShip has performed inspections in the previous calendar month. 

Inspections help to maintain the vessel’s Safety Score and benchmark the operation of the vessel against industry standards and best practices. If you would like to find out more, contact us at dryinspections@rightship.com.

RightShip Global Inspections activity map – December 2021


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What are the inspection trends this month?

Covid 19 restrictions continue to disrupt RightShip Inspections operations worldwide. Inspections are best performed at discharge ports or anchorages prior to loading, but other operational status can be considered.  

For December 2021 we saw over 140 RightShip inspections being conducted with the majority in the Far East.  

Inspections in Chinese ports are currently heavily restricted, and most of the inspections in China shown on the map were undertaken during docking. As Inspections in China are currently restricted, Singapore, South Korea and Japan have taken on increased inspections, the number of which exceed pre-pandemic levels.  

It is essential to plan well ahead and discuss a vessel’s forward itinerary with the RightShip Inspections team so that we can explore options. You can contact the RightShip team at or find out more here.