Vessel Inspections

Dry Bulk Inspections

The purpose of the RightShip Dry inspection is to evaluate the ship's condition, quality and effectiveness of the Safety Management System (SMS) implementation, adoption of industry recommendations and best practices and the health and well-being of seafarers onboard.

A RightShip Dry inspection supports the Maritime industry's ongoing efforts to enhance the safety, and assists clients to verify that the vessel conforms with international regulations and performs in accordance with industry standards. This one-of-a-kind inspection provides Charterers, Ship managers, Terminal operators, and Regulatory authorities with a credible and independent assessment of a ships operation.

All inspections are undertaken by trained and accredited inspectors, who apply a standardised inspection methodology to deliver consistent outcomes.

Planning for your Inspection

RightShip recommends that Managers plan for Vessel Inspections well in advance, by submitting the request with the vessels forward itinerary at least 1 month in advance of the requested inspection date. This will allow for optimal planning and scheduling.

Note: RightShip inspects in many Ports around the world, and will work with Managers to find a suitable, and safe location, to undertake the Inspection. There are some locations where safe access may be limited. In these cases the Inspections team will work with the Manager to find suitable alternate locations.

RightShip’s Inspection Questionnaire (RISQ)

Through its comprehensive inspections guide, RISQ helps shipowners and managers achieve a higher operational standard. Periodically, the questionnaire is reviewed and revised to reflect the most recent industry requirements and standards. Industry Notifications are sent out when the most recent update is ready for release.

The RISQ assists the ship manager in preparing a vessel for inspection, supports Inspectors as they conduct Inspections in a systematic and standardised manner by applying a unified methodology, and assists them in more accurately reporting the quality of a vessel and its crew.

The inspection result represents the actual operating condition and standard of the vessel at the time of inspection.

Download the RISQ questionnaire by clicking here.


Easy to schedule, RightShip’s Dry Bulk inspections can be arranged at your discharge port to minimise disruptions. 

A Guide to Inspection is provided for many of the questions in the new questionnaire. This assists owner/managers understand industry expectations and helps prepare the vessel for inspection. It also aids the inspector answer the questions and completing the inspection report.

Unbiased quality assessment

Our independent inspections provide a clear insight into the operational condition of a vessel, complementing other vessel assessments and management audits, to promote improved standards in the industry and reduce the potential of accidents and incidents.


Best practice standards

The Rightship Dry Bulk Inspections questionnaire has been developed to provide a comprehensive best practice guide incorporating recommendations from maritime publications, P&I and Class circulars and IMO guidelines.


Global network of expert inspectors

With a global team of Dry Bulk inspectors based in strategic locations worldwide, RightShip coordinates inspections quickly and efficiently.


Vessel Inspections

Market your vessel

Receive a RightShip inspections badge for a positive inspections outcome, clearly displayed on each vessel page in our platform. The inspection badge allows operators to showcase their commitment to best safety practice.

Preventative maintenance

For an Owner, regular and independent inspection assessments can help maintain the physical quality of a vessel, highlighting oversights and potential problems before they progress, potentially reducing costly works later.

Integrate with vessel vetting

As part of our commitment to due diligence and safer shipping, the RightShip Dry Bulk Inspection badge makes it easy for our vetting customers to select those vessels that have gone 'above and beyond' as part of their vetting criteria.

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