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Management Audit

Complex, fast moving organisations require highly trained staff and a concerted effort by management to meet standards of excellence. Management systems can be advanced with the right guidance and a clear route to improvement.  

With RightShip Management Audits, you will be able to identify any gaps within your organisation and bring everyone on board with a plan of action. 

Move your business to the next level, chart your path to improved operations and create a culture of safety, communication and care across your organisation.

Management Audit Features

Pick your framework

Chart a path to excellence by benchmarking where you are today and setting clear objectives using a choice of industry agreed frameworks.

World class assessors

Our company is the trusted due diligence expert for nearly 25 years, providing you with the most comprehensive management audits.

Comprehensive reporting

Receive a detailed report covering where you currently are, identifying your current levels of compliance against best practices and providing clear recommendations on how to improve your operations.

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Management Audit Advantages

ESG Governance

Demonstrate your commitment to operating at higher ESG standards by carrying out an in-depth Management Audit.

A culture of Safety

As a leader, it is your responsibility to create a culture of safety within your organisation. Our Management Audit will assist you in lifting standards for all staff members impacting all areas of your business.

A competitive advantage

Make your vessel as attractive as possible during a charterer’s vessel selection process and display your RightShip Management Audit badge in the RightShip platform.