GHG rating

GHG Rating

RightShip’s GHG Rating is changing. Here’s what you need to know.  

RightShip is updating the methodology and design of its GHG Rating to reflect the maritime industry’s evolving environmental, regulatory, and commercial landscape. This changes how we measure the emissions output of vessels on the RightShip platform. View our GHG Rating Change report to learn what’s changing and how it will affect you. 


Vessels sitting at anchor, unloading and loading create large volumes of Greenhouse gas emissions, impacting the daily lives of the local communities around ports and terminals. Ports and Terminals need a quick way to assess the emission profile of a vessel calling at their port and to develop strategies to reduce total emissions produced during daily operations. 

Ports and terminals use the GHG Rating to measure a vessel’s relative efficiency and upgrade their sustainability programmes, reduce emissions in and around their ports and strengthen their market position.  


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Removing inefficient vessels from a supply chain can lead to economic and sustainability benefits, creating cleaner environments and healthier communities. Join RightShip today to start benchmarking emissions and creating effective environmental incentive programs and emissions reduction strategies for the port areas.  

GHG rating features

Simplified decisions

Take the complication out of measuring the relative efficiency of vessels. Our GHG Rating takes inputs from multiple industry standards, data sources and regulatory indices, ensuring best practise environmental benchmarking. 

Standardised approach to decarbonisation

Speak the same language as your customers and suppliers by using the GHG Rating, easily understood and used by all players in the industry to decarbonise their supply chain. 

Standardise approach to efficiency
Reduce supply chain emissions

Quickly identify vessels standing out from others in their peer group through global and fleet wide benchmarking, and develop strategies to attract the most energy efficient vessels to call at your port or terminal. 

Become the chosen one

We’re proud to be accelerating the shipping industry’s movement toward greater efficiency and sustainability using RightShip’s GHG Emissions Rating. Since launching our Green Wave vessel incentive program in 2014, RightShip has been an exemplary qualifying measurement that has allowed vessel charterers and owners to take advantage of significant discounts to harbour dues at the Port of Prince Rupert. The support we have received through our partnership with RightShip has been integral to the success of our program. Our recognition of environmental performance is encouraging the adoption of similar practices across the global shipping industry.

Prince Rupert Port Authority

The data RightShip provides is so critical for us – a trusted source of information and an integral part of our accounting process. MEP has enabled us to communicate confidently and transparently, and we’d encourage others to get on board and do the same.


GHG Rating Advantages

Part of due diligence

Seamlessly integrate our GHG Rating with our vessel screening, vetting and other due diligence products, to ensure you meet industry emissions reduction targets with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) targets.

Develop incentives

Join pioneering ports such as Canada’s Port of Quebec and Prince Rupert Port Authority who use our GHG Rating to offer incentives for more efficient ships, reducing CO2 emissions and other air pollutants in port while increasing cargo volumes and throughput.

Healthier communities

Improve stakeholder relations and generate significant social capital within local communities, thanks to the health benefits for residents from reduced emissions.

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