Join the team dedicated to a zero harm maritime future

Welcome to RightShip, where we lead the way in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) focused digital maritime solutions. Our expertise spans global safety, sustainability, and social responsibility both on shore and at sea.

Our vision: zero harm

At RightShip, our vision is simple yet profound: a maritime industry that causes zero harm. This vision encompasses zero harm to seafarers, zero harm to the environment, zero harm to local communities, and zero harm to ships and their cargoes. It guides every facet of our work, from our daily maritime due diligence to our cutting-edge technological innovations. This vision also shapes our distinctive and supportive work culture.

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Our diverse culture

Our culture thrives on the dynamic fusion of traditional maritime wisdom and cutting-edge technological innovation. With offices in Melbourne, London, Houston, Singapore, Malta and Vietnam, our team represents a harmonious blend of seasoned maritime experts and the fresh perspectives of tech talents.

Many of our experienced maritime professionals bring decades of hands-on experience. They are the keepers of time-honored maritime practices and have weathered the seas in various roles across industry.

Alongside our maritime experts are a vibrant cohort of emerging tech-savvy talents. These individuals infuse our culture with innovation, digital expertise, and a forward-thinking approach. They are the architects of our technological advancements and the driving force behind our digital solutions.

Together, this diverse and intergenerational team creates a unique synergy. It allows us to honor maritime traditions while pioneering the future of maritime technology and sustainability.

Our Values

Our People
We are passionate, respectful, inclusive, and results oriented.
We deeply care about our industry, the environment, our customers, and each other.
We share knowledge, challenge the status quo, and create value in an ever-evolving industry.
We make ethical, unbiased decisions while holding ourselves and others accountable.
Our Name
Our mission centers on safety, sustainability, and crew well-being.

Perks & benefits

Employee recognition

iShine, launched in 2021 alongside RightShip’s Values, recognizes outstanding contributions with generous prizes, nominated by peers and friends.




Hybrid working arrangements

The hybrid work model offers the flexibility to work both from the comfort of your home and within the office environment.


Global remote working policy

Our global remote working policy allows you to work outside the city that you have been employed in, for up to 3 months.


Curated programs

We encourage continuous learning through skills upgrades, workshops, leadership courses, and other relevant learning programs.



We offer competitive financial allowances to our employees.



We prioritize your well-being with a comprehensive mental health program through Evoluno, combining digital and human coaching.


Sense of purpose

We strive for zero harm in maritime, valuing team commitment for a safer, sustainable world.


Be part of a global team

Join our diverse, collaborative global team, fostering teamwork and camaraderie.


Progressive environment

We provide a nurturing and enjoyable workplace that promotes individual growth and fosters effective contributions.

Meet the teams

  • Commercial
  • Corporate Services
  • Human Resources
  • Operations & Inspections
  • Product & Innovation
  • Strategy
  • Sustainability
  • Technology

The Commercial department serves as the driving force for three critical areas: Sales, Analytics and Marketing teams. Our primary mission is to foster a profound understanding of our customers and ensure their perspectives resonate throughout our business.

We achieve this through direct customer engagement, nurturing both new and existing relationships, and building strategic connections with key industry players. Our broader market engagement includes effectively communicating our brand and solutions to customers and prospects, amplifying the company’s thought leadership across multiple channels, and organizing and participating in events and conferences.

We are on the lookout for curious  and driven individuals who can work seamlessly with others and turn a  vision into a well-executed plan.


At RightShip's Corporate Services Department, our dedicated teams, including Legal, Finance, IT, and Office Administration, work in harmony to achieve our goals. The Legal team provides counsel and ensures regulatory compliance to safeguard the organization’s interests.  Our IT and Security team provides comprehensive IT services with a cybersecurity focus. The Finance team oversees financial operations, manages budgets and optimizes resources to fortify the organization’s growth. Office Administration keeps our operations streamlined.


Our Human Resources department is dedicated to taking care of our employees from recruitment to retirement. We strive to ensure a healthy, productive, and supportive work environment for all. Our responsibilities encompass talent acquisition, compensation and benefits, employee relations, training and development, performance management and DEI. We also take care of people related policies and procedures, employee records and data, and elements of onboarding and offboarding.


Operations and Inspections form the cornerstone of RightShip’s expertise in maritime safety, sustainability, and best practices. Our experts' assessments and recommendations play a crucial role in ensuring that vessels are operated safely, efficiently, and in compliance with regulatory requirements. This, in turn, contributes significantly to the overall sustainability and success of maritime operations. Our key functions include vessel vetting and inspections, safety ratings, risk assessment, incident response, regulatory compliance, client support, data analysis, and advisory services. 


RightShip's Product and Innovation team is committed to creating and enhancing products for maximum customer value. They foster a collaborative, innovative atmosphere, aligning with other departments and customers. Their dedication to our mission is evident, as they clinched the Crew Welfare Self-Assessment tool award at the SBR Technology Excellence Awards 2023, exemplifying their commitment to maritime industry transformation.


Our Strategy team collaborates closely with senior leadership to shape RightShip’s long-term vision and direction while implementing initiatives that drive us toward our goals. The team's responsibilities include conducting comprehensive market research, analyzing industry trends, and assessing the competitive landscape. We are also responsible for developing actionable plans for growth, diversification, cost management, and other strategic priorities, including partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions. 


RightShip's Sustainability team is a passionate and dedicated group of experts working to make a meaningful difference in the maritime industry. They provide technology-based solutions to maritime customers along their decarbonization journey, including in-depth data and mapping analysis, as well as strategic advisories. The team also implements RightShip's Environmental Sustainability Program within the organization and works extensively with international clients.

The Sustainability team is a small but growing and diverse global team with a dynamic atmosphere. They are expected to manage individual tasks, be inquisitive and proactive, and bring new ideas to the table. The team also works closely with other teams within the organization and external partners to enhance product offerings.


At RightShip, our Technology team is a dedicated group comprising two core practices: data and engineering. The data team specializes in analyzing intricate datasets to extract valuable insights, while our engineering experts focus on the development, testing, and maintenance of robust and scalable software solutions. 

Working collaboratively in an agile scrum environment, our teams share a common mission: leveraging technology to elevate user experiences and contribute to a safer maritime industry. We foster a culture of deep collaboration, innovation, and knowledge sharing, continuously striving to enhance our processes and technologies. 


Our locations



Enjoy a welcoming workplace set amidst the picturesque landscapes of Sugar Land.

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Embrace the contemporary vibe of our office, situated in the heart of the bustling city of London.

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Be part of a flourishing tech community in two charming locations amidst the scenic beauty of Malta.

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Flourish in a dynamic setting at our central Singapore office, a hub for strategy and innovation.

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Experience a vibrant and diverse work environment, blending tradition and innovation for a unique professional journey.

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Work in a modern office located in the lively heart of Melbourne, surrounded by inspiration.

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