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Crew Welfare Self-Assessment Tool

In a sector facing accusations of neglect and indifference, and potential crew shortfalls running into tens of thousands, concrete action on crew welfare is urgently needed.

Our Crew Welfare Self-Assessment Tool is designed with support from the Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI) and the Institute for Human Rights & Business (IHRB), in collaboration with the Rafto Foundation. Helping shipowners, managers and operators understand their responsibilities, while assessing current operations and find areas for improvement to new and higher welfare standards over time.

Crew Welfare Self-Assessment Tool

The most comprehensive best practice crew welfare guidance

This tool has been developed by human rights experts and industry leaders, including crew welfare industry bodies, shipowners, managers, and non-government organisations (NGOs).

Free and easy to use

We’ve made it easy to complete our online questionnaire for a whole fleet. A RightShip subscription isn’t needed to get started.

Securely and privately stored records

Self-assessments are stored securely. Those completing the self-assessment can be confident that no individual responses are shared with third parties.


We were initially introduced by one of our charterers to the Crew Welfare Self-Assessment. At Chinese Maritime Transport we care about seafarers’ rights and welfare. We’re always trying to improve and believe that the self-assessment is a good way to show our support in protecting seafarers. As soon as the self-assessment was launched, we completed it. The assessment has already provided us with more ideas on the aspects a shipowner should pay attention to. We’ve also already made changes to our processes, including replacing the traditional grievance report with an online survey, through which every seafarer is encouraged to express their complaint or suggestions directly to the management.

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Crew Welfare Self-Assessment Tool

Check out our crew welfare advantages

Intuitive step-by-step process

Clearly see your present position across seven sections, containing questions with fixed outcomes at three levels of improvement. Implement steps towards improvements in crew welfare, by prioritising social responsibility strategies, efforts and resources.

Clear path to continual improvement

Continually work towards higher welfare standards by updating your latest progress. Track your progress to help you organise annual cost effective and efficient action plans to support areas in most need.

Showcasing commitment to crew welfare

Share your current self assessment summary results with third party contractors and partners. Stand out against the competition in the RightShip Platform as all DOC holders are rewarded with a completion badge on their RightShip vessel pages, highlighting crew welfare commitments to prospective customers.