safety score

Safety Score

Life threatening incidents and near misses occur every day during routine vessel operations. Vessel operators need a transparent way to measure a successful voyage and see where to invest in improved processes and technologies that make the entire supply chain safer.

Use RightShip's Safety Score to set a clear path beyond best practise to excellence in safety standards. Benchmark your fleet against global operating standards through an easy to understand Score out of five.

Safety score features

Easy to understand

Easily see areas for improvement across each of the six sub scores or rules. Paths to resolution are clearly displayed in the Platform, providing you with the next steps to improve your vessel’s Score.

Benchmark against your peers

See how you measure against similar vessels and take fleet-wide action to invest in safety best practices, raising your profile and offering a competitive advantage.

Access more data

Gain full insights into the data that contributes to a vessel’s Safety Score. See the severity of each Safety Score rule, incident, deficiency and Port State Control (PSC) inspection on a vessel's activity timeline and understand the impact on a vessel's score.


When it comes to safety, quality and environmental performance benchmarking, the only comprehensive tool a ship operator has is RightShip. It is vital for us to measure and compare our results. Apart from benchmarking, the live feed of incidents on the tasks menu contains important lessons learnt from across the industry which are always included in our safety bulletins! We are proud to work with RightShip in an effort to improve the safety and environmental sustainability of the maritime industry.

Blue Planet Shipping Ltd

The RightShip Platform helps us to choose better vessels for our charterer team, improving our shore-based management, by letting us know quickly when issues with a vessel have been resolved. The search function is really simple to use - and effective - offering us a window into the world of maritime at the touch of a button.

Cosco Shipping Bulk Co., Ltd.

At Equinox Maritime we find the RightShip portal easy to access, irrespective of what we’re looking for – from Safety Score information to Document of Compliance (DOC) performance to GHG Ratings. We’re able to monitor our vessels, Port State Control (PSC) Inspections and close out reports with great ease.

Equinox Maritime Limited

Since using the RightShip Platform we’ve been able to access up-to-date, accurate information about Document of Compliance (DOC) performance, which clearly reflects company fleet management performance. This means that we can closely monitor ship Safety Scores, ensuring that any issues with ship management are rectified in a timely manner, enabling us to improve our performance.

Goldenking Ship Management Co., Ltd.

Benchmarking against our peers and our own previous performance is easy with the RightShip Platform. The knowledge base and best practice guides are well-presented and allow us to learn, monitor and improve our performance over time

Gleamray Maritime Inc.

The Rightship Platform is the way to benchmark safety. Through the platform, we know what RightShip focuses on, with incidents, Document of Compliance (DOC), Port State Control (PSC) Inspections and detention all having an important influence on the Safety Score. These measures have meant we pay more attention to these criteria and as a result, our fleet vessels are much safer and gaining good performances by achieving the safety rule requirements.  This means that, in turn, our vessels are recognised and accepted by Australian ports and clients, which has contributed to our shipping business development.

Qingdao Winning International Ships Management Co., Ltd.

Safety Score Advantages

Track your progress over time

Five years of vessel history gives a complete picture of safety practices and performance, to aid informed operational and safety decisions.

Make your vessel improvement plan go further

Pinpoint key areas in your management processes in need of improvement. Submit post-incident close out reports to reduce the risk of similar incidents occurring again.

Know your competitors

Check your competitors’ inspections, PSC inspections, detentions and deficiencies as they occur in real time.