GHG rating

GHG Rating

Ship owners need to cut their global carbon emissions by at least half by 2050, compared with their level in 2008, to meet International Maritime Organisation (IMO) regulation. Understanding each vessel’s emission output is crucial to a company’s fleet management and decarbonisation strategy.  

Use RightShip’s GHG Rating to benchmark each vessel against its peer group to better manage your vessel upgrades, newbuild designs and overall strategy to create a zero harm maritime industry. 

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An energy efficient vessel has lower fuel costs, GHG emissions and better chartering potential, which may lead to a higher initial asset value and a longer period of economic depreciation. Subscribe to RightShip today and get access to our global database of vessel GHG Ratings, energy efficient upgrades and benchmarking tools.

Features of GHG Rating for Shipowners

Standardised approach to decarbonisation

Speak the same language as your customers and suppliers by using the GHG Rating, easily understood and used by all players in the industry to decarbonise their supply chain.

Standardise approach to efficiency

Showcase the efficiency measures undertaken during the design, build and operation of your fleet. Work with RightShip’s sustainability team to see how to improve a vessel’s GHG Rating over the course of its operational lifespan. 

Promote your investment

Promote your investment in energy saving equipment and vessel design through the GHG Rating. The RightShip platform provides recognition for investing in efficiency measures by clearly displaying upgrades to your vessel (+) for all our due diligence customers to see. 

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The unique service that RightShip offers, from safety, to Port State Control performance, to GHG Ratings, all give us a wider understanding and clarity of our business. This overview is, in our opinion, useful for our company and the shipping industry itself. As stakeholders in the commercial maritime / supply chain industry, whether as shipper or receiver, charterer or owner, we are all part of a rapidly evolving ecosystem that keeps reinventing itself, adapting to the demands of the market, world economy, and social needs. Dry Bulk shipping in particular is transforming extremely quickly.   

Laskaridis Shipping Company Ltd 

RightShip, the ship approval system used to verify vessel efficiency, has confirmed the fuel savings Odfjell has achieved using MAN Diesel & Turbo’s Kappel Propeller upgrade package. After the upgrade, the vessels are amongst the most energy efficient chemical tankers in the world, and achieve the highest score on the RightShip’s energy rating, A+.

Odfjell SE

We find checking the status of vets, Safety Scores and the GHG Rating using the RightShip Platform gives us faster responses for closing out deficiencies or complaints and means that we can improve our ship management and maintain good performance in a commercial market. The knowledge centre also offers in-depth information and support

SDSC Ship Management Co. Limited

At Equinox Maritime we find the RightShip portal easy to access, irrespective of what we’re looking for – from Safety Score information to Document of Compliance (DOC) performance to GHG Ratings. We’re able to monitor our vessels, Port State Control (PSC) Inspections and close out reports with great ease.

Equinox Maritime Limited 

GHG Rating advantages


Compare a vessel’s GHG Rating at a Document of Compliance (DOC) and world fleet level to help you develop a clear emissions reduction strategy. Clearly see a fleet’s efficiency ratings in comparison to peers, as well as progress towards goals.

Simplify purchasing decisions

Purchase new and second-hand vessels with confidence. An energy efficient vessel has lower fuel costs, lower CO2 emissions and better chartering potential, which may lead to a higher initial asset value and a longer period of economic depreciation.

A competitive advantage

Make your vessel as attractive as possible during a charterer’s vessel selection process and display your environmental upgrades and efficiency measures in the RightShip platform.

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