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Trade Check

Sometimes vessel clearance needs to be quick, so that trade decisions can be made rapidly. Our Trade Check solution offers those who need to make swift choices against the backdrop of a bespoke risk policy or requirement, an easy way to make those decisions.

Trade Check measures vessels against a combination of over 50 rules, selected and controlled by each customer. A fully automated service, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it gives an immediate pass or fail result on whether a vessel meets a customer’s needs. Each Trade Check reviews thousands of data points for each vessel, ranging from vessel attributes to past events, to legal and trading certificates.

Trade Check offers reassurance that vessels have been evaluated against global safety, sustainability, and social responsibility best practice standards.

Trade Check features

Comprehensive and unique data sets

At RightShip we have 21 years of due diligence experience, having completed close to 700,000 vets for our customers. Trade Check is enriched by our marine experts, building off years of experience and using large data sets including proprietary data generated by our physical RightShip inspections.

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24/7 accessibility

Our Screening service is available around the clock, so that vessel clearance can be performed at any time. No more lost deals due to delayed vessel clearance, means margins are maximised.

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Simple workflow

Requesting a screening is easy and provides a quick result on vessel clearance, supported by an escalation process to meet bespoke risk management needs. If further risk evaluations are needed, simply request an in-depth full vet from our expert team.

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Trade Check Advantages

Designed with specific use cases in mind

Specifically designed for the use cases of commodity traders, commodity financiers and other low risk exposure deals, Screening allows instant clearance of a vessel so customers can remain focused on deals.

Comprehensive yet flexible rules

The Screening criteria catalogue is flexible enough to accommodate the different needs of varied customers, with select rule sets created by our marine experts available to choose from a comprehensive catalogue of either dry bulk or tanker screening criteria.

Escalation made easy

Selected decision-makers within an organisation can grant an exception and pass a vessel where a Screening outcome fails due to soft rules. In case of escalation, all necessary information is provided in one place for swift choices.