RightShip Launches Zero Harm Innovation Partners Program

RightShip launches Zero Harm Innovation Partners Program, a cutting-edge initiative focused on driving collaboration between shipowners, managers, and technology providers to achieve a zero harm maritime industry through innovative solutions.

RightShip, a leading global environmental, social, and governance (ESG) focused digital maritime platform, has launched its Zero Harm Innovation Partners Program. The program is aimed at supporting the development and adoption of technologies dedicated to achieving a zero harm maritime industry by enabling enhanced collaboration and connection between shipowners and managers, and innovative technology providers. 

This program invites technology providers and innovators to showcase products on RightShip’s platform that contribute towards enabling a zero harm maritime industry.  Besides traction, the solution providers can take advantage of RightShip’s platform and tools for market intelligence and product refinement.  

The Zero Harm Innovation Partners Program will enhance the visibility of innovative solutions with key audiences like charterers, owners, managers and terminals via RightShip’s broad customer base. The program also enables shipowners and managers to showcase the innovative solutions that have been adopted on board their vessels to the charterers and terminal operators in pursuit of zero harm.  Being part of the program can also help solution providers to inspire investor confidence and pave the way for future investments.  

The program is launching with a series of early adopters who have undergone RightShip’s due diligence process – BigYellowFish, Aqua Synergetic Group, PPG Sigmaglide, Learning Seaman and Green Marine.  

Steen Lund, CEO of RightShip, added, "This program is more than just a technological showcase; it's a gateway for innovators to gain visibility and expand their influence in the maritime sector. By participating, technology solution providers, whether in hardware or software, can leverage this opportunity to increase their customer base and make a significant impact with their solutions, all within a framework that is focused on industry betterment through enhanced market exposure and collaboration."