RightShip Zero Harm Innovation Partners Program

Innovation towards a zero harm maritime industry

The RightShip Zero Harm Innovation Partners Program is a new initiative aiming to encourage the development of new technologies and solutions towards a zero-harm maritime industry. The program connects product creators with shipowners and charterers, enabling the testing of innovative technologies in real-world environments and helping businesses to improve safety and sustainability.

Built on the RightShip vision of zero harm in the maritime industry, the program brings together like-minded organisations from across the supply chain. We aim to encourage knowledge sharing and to drive coordinated change in the industry. And, importantly, we want to go beyond short-term transactional partnerships and instead foster longstanding collaborations that help us all grow together.

How does it work?

RightShip connects developers with maritime stakeholders who could benefit from their new technologies and solutions. Businesses submit new products and solutions to the program, and RightShip reviews these for viability and innovation.

Shipowners and managers can highlight technologies integrated into vessels for charterers to be aware of measures taken to work towards a zero-harm maritime industry.

Through the Zero Harm Innovation Partnership Program, we strive for more than just collaboration, we offer a journey of shared growth and collective achievement of a zero-harm maritime industry.

Be part of this program by submitting your products below.

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Existing Zero Harm Innovation Partners




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Wellness by Learning Seaman

Wellness by Learning Seaman


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Green Marine


Who can join Zero Harm Innovation Partnership Program?
Technology providers, solutions providers, equipment manufacturers, and innovators contributing to zero-harm in the maritime industry.
What criteria are used to assess products?
RightShip will review a product’s potential effective contribution to a zero-harm maritime industry and its potential for industry adoption.
What is the product review process?
Once a submission has been received, RightShip will conduct an initial review of the product within two to three weeks to ensure it meets our Zero Harm criteria. If it does, RightShip will contact the company for a product demonstration.
What information is required to be submitted for product review?
We request: (1) a brief summary of the product, (2) a product pitch deck, and (3) the number of vessels that has adopted product. Please note incomplete submissions will not be considered.
My company has more than one product that fits the criteria, can I submit all products under one product review?
Yes, you may submit more than one product in one submission form. There is no limit on how many products can be submitted.
What happens if a product is selected?
RightShip will notify the product creator and request their company logo to be displayed on the RightShip Platform, along with the IMO number of vessels that have implemented the product. The product creator will need to update the list of vessels integrated with the product monthly.