RightShip GHG submissions more than triple as shipowners move to comply

From 1st January, 2023, sustainability is front of mind for shipowners as the IMO’s Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) short term decarbonization measure comes into effect.  

We’re pleased to report shipowners are off to a flying start sending in their compliance documents as RightShip received more than triple the number of GHG verifications requests in the first two months of 2023 compared to 2022. 

                                                                    More than triple the number of submissions received this year equals nearly 700 in 2023 compared with 204 across January and February, 2022. 


New ways to submit EEXI compliance through RightShip 

At RightShip, we evaluate C02 emissions based upon the design of the vessel, and this is key to how we rate ships within a peer group. Selecting a vessel of choice is much easier for charterers, ports, and financiers as from our platform as we provide a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Rating demonstrating the relative design efficiency of every vessel. 

To comply with the new IMO rules, vessel owners and managers must submit their compliance documents to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability practices. The IEE certificate is required to be updated when a vessel goes through its first IAPP survey from 1st January 2023. The data from the IEE certificate and associated EEXI technical file will feed into RightShip’s updated GHG Rating, launching later in 2023.  

To speed things along, RightShip is asking all shipowners who haven’t yet done so, to submit their class endorsed EEXI technical files and IEE certificates as soon as available. So that we can apply the algorithmic calculation to your vessel’s RightShip’s GHG Rating, in line with the IMO regulations, we need updated documents as soon as they are available. 


New channel for non-customers of RightShip 

We don’t want you to miss out on getting your vessel’s compliance in place before the end of 2023.  

  • We’ve introduced a fast process flow for submissions and now accept compliance documents for EEXI from you directly. Simply press Get Started on our website.  
    The previous GHG verification submission method where you had to send us an email has been retired. 

  • Once the methodology update occurs you will be able to review your GHG Rating on the RightShip platform.  

Our operations team has prioritized these requests so that your vessel is compliant and ready for selection by charterers and your supply chain customers.  


For RightShip customers  

We created a new, easy-to-use submissions channel in the RightShip platform for RightShip customers in the same location as other verification request. A dedicated team is available for you to discuss your case directly if you need to.  RightShip’s sustainability and operations specialists are on hand to advise and smooth any bumps in the road. 


Moving forwards with decarbonization 

We’ve noticed a variety of vessels across the A-G scale submitting their compliance documents so far. Owners and managers are pro-actively looking to provide compliance assurance against the EEXI requirement and also seek improvement on their ratings from the vessels current rating within the peer group to ensure they avoid being limited by charter party agreements, or seek to attain favorable agreements by higher ratings. 


GHG verifications requests for January-February, 2023 

The tougher regulations combined with submissions increases means that we can assume many shipowners are aware that their GHG Rating may be impacted by the new regulations. Submitting documents as soon as available helps you to prepare for the RightShip GHG Rating methodology changes coming later in the year.  

Senior Sustainability Manager Jon Lane said “We are expecting the number of certificates supplied to RightShip to grow each month as more and more vessels go through their IAPP surveys. RightShip wants to make this process as easy as possible for shipowners, as the burden of this 2023 regulation is sitting with them.”  


Don’t get left behind 

RightShip is here to help all shipowners understand how to decarbonize their vessels and raise standards towards 2030 and beyond this to 2050. Those vessel operators moving towards a zero-harm maritime industry, yet unsure how to take steps, can work with us to navigate what they can do in the short term.  

RightShip is providing additional advice to lots of shipowners about energy saving equipment, design improvements, engine power limitations, fleet renewal and discussing long-term solutions for going forwards on decarbonization. 

As charterers, banks, and ports are paying closer attention to a vessel’s GHG Rating, and use our platform to determine which vessels they wish to work with, we recommend submitting your paperwork as soon as possible. When you’re able to obtain your up-to-date GHG Rating and better plan where you are today, it’s possible to take more steps towards sustainability. So far, we can see that shipowners are replying fast to the call for compliance, and we are here to support you. 

Customers will be able to submit their EEXI certificates directly to the RightShip website.