RightShip establishes dedicated ports and terminals taskforce

Melbourne, Australia, 26th January 2023: RightShip, the leading provider of maritime data and transparency, has enhanced and formalised its services to ports and terminals to bolster operations standards for ESG, safety, sustainability, and crew welfare issues worldwide with the creation of a dedicated taskforce.

The RightPORT team is a single source of contact for all parties involved in the port-to-port supply chain. Its core focus is on providing the global network of ports and terminals with a much-needed service tailored to their specific requirements with instant access to information on vessel safety, crew welfare, and environmental issues in one easy-to-access centralised location. Building on RightShip’s considerable existing suite of maritime tools, data and expertise for ports and terminals, RightPORT will give ports and terminals operators access to high calibre tools on par with those enjoyed by its existing customer base of charters and financiers. 

Yucel Yildiz, Port and Terminal Manager, said: “RightShip’s ambition is a zero-harm maritime industry. With more than 40 ports already taking advantage of the ESG solutions provided by RightShip, this announcement formalises our commitment to extend data-led solutions to the breadth of the industry. Ports and terminals are the critical points that connect the maritime world with onshore economies and communities – and that concentrate marine activity in contained areas. They are therefore crucial to our ambition, and our port and terminal team will ensure they have the data, expertise and tools to realise their ESG responsibilities and commitments.” 

For a ports or terminals operator, knowing what risk a vessel poses before, during, or after berthing is essential to protect the supply chain, budgets, reputation, and the environment. RightShip’s dedicated team will improve access to crucial information that will allow operators to improve safety, reliability and environmental performance. For example, RightShip’s Marine Emissions Portal (MEP) allows port and terminal operators to assess the emissions profile of arriving and departing vessels. This data can then be used to report, or to create incentive programmes, such as by offering discounted port fees for lower-emissions vessels. 

Wassim Melhem, the Product Owner of the RightPORT technology, said: “When great minds think alike, real change is achievable. We can’t escape the reality that greater awareness and action is needed to reduce maritime risks encountered at every point in the supply chain. We’re here to help ports and terminals plan for a zero-harm future and reduce their costs and risks.”  

The RightPORT taskforce is operational and fully staffed, and open to enquiries. You can read more about the initiative on our blog or contact the RightPORT team