Updated Crew Welfare Self-Assessment Tool

The updated version is more user-friendly and effective, with a simplified workflow, enhanced guidance, and a better interface.
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Join us as we strive to minimize risks, promote safety awareness, and enhance standards for safer environments.

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RightShip’s GHG Rating is changing

GHG 2.0 reflects the maritime industry’s evolving environmental, regulatory, and commercial landscape.

What is RightShip?

RightShip is the world’s leading Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) focused digital maritime platform, providing expertise in global safety, sustainability and social responsibility practices.  

Founded with the mission to drive operational improvements in the global shipping industry, more than 600 customers use RightShip’s due diligence, environmental and inspections services to help them manage risk and improve overall maritime safety standards on shore and at sea.

At RightShip we believe in a zero-harm maritime industry. By this we mean zero harm to ships, to the cargo those ships carry, to the seafarers carrying out their duties on board, and of course, zero harm to the environment the vessels are trading in.  

A successful voyage meets the highest safety standards, protects the environment, ensures seafarers are supported and is commercially beneficial to the entire supply chain. We’re here to make that happen.

Powered by data and industry experts

We combine years of industry experience, digital expertise, analytics and large data sets to provide our safety and environmental scoring systems, recommendations and advice, all delivered through one easy to use platform. 

By using our risk management and best practice tools, our customers can make informed decisions in an environment that is in a constant state of flux.

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SS4 Saunders LG - Subscore@2x
SS5 Burakowski LG - Benchmarking@2x
SS1 Allen LG - activities@2x
GHG rating - summary@2x

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Get the most comprehensive safety, sustainability and crew welfare due diligence support from our expert team

Ports and Terminals

Let us help assess risk and emissions profiles and offer support to develop reductions strategies


Our due diligence services provide an added layer of protection in financing assessments

What our customers say about us

The RightShip Platform helps us to choose better vessels for our charterer team, improving our shore-based management, by letting us know quickly when issues with a vessel have been resolved. The search function is really simple to use - and effective - offering us a window into the world of maritime at the touch of a button.

Cosco Shipping Bulk Co., Ltd.

When it comes to safety, quality and environmental performance benchmarking, the only comprehensive tool a ship operator has is RightShip. It is vital for us to measure and compare our results. Apart from benchmarking, the live feed of incidents on the tasks menu contains important lessons learnt from across the industry which are always included in our safety bulletins! We are proud to work with RightShip in an effort to improve the safety and environmental sustainability of the maritime industry.

Blue Planet Shipping Ltd

We’ve used RightShip to ensure the vessels we use are safe and environmentally sound, so it was a logical step to ask the team to help us measure our scope 3 emissions. Working with them is very straightforward and we are confident in the accuracy and reliability of the results. There are very few scope 3 data sources and, as far as we are aware, there is no other agency able to deliver this level of accuracy for ocean transport.

Incitec Pivot Ltd

RightShip has supported us to vet various LNG carriers calling at our floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) terminals, screening the various incident databases, Port State Control (PSC) deficiencies, and detentions, as well as the flag and class status of vessels.  This all serves to provide us with a more holistic risk picture, which helps us greatly in our screening process. The platform is very user friendly, intuitive and I particularly like the Safety Score feature.

BW Group

The data RightShip provides is so critical for us – a trusted source of information and an integral part of our accounting process. MEP has enabled us to communicate confidently and transparently, and we’d encourage others to get on board and do the same.


Working towards zero-incident, zero-emissions seas since 1991