What is RightShip?

RightShip is the world’s biggest third party maritime due diligence organisation, providing expertise in global safety, sustainability and social responsibility practices.

Our organisation was built to respond to a pressing need for operational improvements in the maritime industry. We provide comprehensive due diligence services so you can make informed business decisions. We also help industry partners work towards excellence in safety, sustainability and social responsibility practices on shore and at sea.

Our team believes that a successful voyage is commercially beneficial to the entire supply chain. A best practice journey meets the highest safety standards, is good for the environment and ensures seafarers are supported.


Powered By Data And Industry Experts

We combine years of industry experience, analytics and large data sets to provide our safety and environmental scoring systems, recommendations and advice, all delivered through one easy to use platform.

Using our risk management and best practice tools, you’re able to make informed decisions in an environment that is a constant state of flux.

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Working towards zero-incident, zero-emissions seas since 1991

RightShip is committed to setting global safety and sustainability benchmarks in the maritime sector.

Alongside our mission to make our seas safer and minimise the environmental impact of international shipping, we believe we make a difference by supporting not-for-profit maritime organisations, including those that work towards improving the wellbeing of seafarers.

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