Global Inspections activity map - December 2022

The final month of 2022 has seen the 192 RISQ Inspection successfully delivered. With the challenges of 2022, inspection requests remained strong. RightShip continues to support customer needs in new inspection locations, through an expanding pool of competent inspectors. 

Inspections 2


China has overtaken Singapore in terms of number of inspections delivered and the two countries remain the largest inspections delivered for the month of December. With the recent announcement of travel restrictions being lifted in China, more requests for inspections in Chinese port are being anticipated. Singapore is continuing to be the preferred location for inspections while vessels are carrying out bunkering, replenishments and crew changes. North America being a new emerging preferred inspection location has also seen a significant increase for the current month. Brazil, Australia, Indonesia, India, Japan, South Korea continues to have steady applications along with South Africa, Spain and Middle East inspection numbers gradually increasing. 


Engaging with the Inspector – code of conduct

We have recently observed cases of attempted coercion of Inspectors during inspections. Our Inspectors adhere to the RightShip code of conduct and will uphold the professionalism and integrity while carrying out the inspection. We recognize that good managers operate within similar conduct expectations, it is an important reminder that any attempts to coerce or offer bribes at any point during the inspection will not be tolerated. Please note that RightShip Inspectors will report any cases of attempted coercion or attempts to manipulate Inspection outcomes.


Operation status - RightShip inspection

RightShip supports crew and Inspector’s wellbeing through minimizing risk by avoiding the load ports where crew are heavily loaded with operational tasks. Therefore, inspections are best conducted in discharge ports or anchorages. Performing inspections while in dry dock is not recommended, however we support these applications where there are no alternatives and to support customer needs.

As ship managers become more accustomed to RISQ, we encourage RISQ best practices to be reflected within management systems, and to complete gap assessments and improvement planning based on RISQ for the betterment of the fleet’s safety performance. Please be aware that the number of findings will remain invariably higher when the ship is inspected while in drydock/under repair, as normal shipboard routines will be interrupted and key machinery will be in open condition.


Plan for RightShip inspection

Inspections are critical to the vetting process. We recommend that managers plan and request their vessel inspections early to prevent unforeseen difficulties for inspector placement due to varied impediments, such as weather, local port/terminal and also government restrictions. While RightShip seeks to assist customers in cases of requests at short notice, the opportunity for these to be met will be limited due to likely prior inspector commitments. RightShip currently does not carry out inspections in Tubarao anchorage, Brazil, due to safety reasons.

A proactive vessel operator will plan, not delay the inspection, and will use the RightShip Inspection Ship Questionnaire (RISQ 2.0) to ensure the vessel is ready in all respects. It is also crucial to prepare ahead and discuss the vessel's forward itinerary with the RightShip Inspections team, so that the most suitable option can be met. The RightShip team can be contacted at or you can read more on the vessel inspection pages of our website.


RightShip would like to take this opportunity to wish all shipowners, managers and ship staffs a safe and incident free 2023.