Global Inspections activity map - April 2022

What are the inspection trends this month?


April 2022 saw continued strong demand for RightShip inspections with the majority conducted in the Far East.  Inspections in Chinese ports remained heavily restricted, including cases of significant pre- and post-inspection quarantine of up to 28 days, mandated by local authorities. However, there were early signs that the complete prohibition on Inspector attendance may ease in some locations, which is a good sign. With Inspections in China currently restricted, our Inspection delivery has been redistributed to other locations, with South Korea, Japan, Australia, and the Americas showing increased activity. Singapore remains the most requested location and accounts for almost 15% of all inspections completed in the month of April.

Planning is essential
Managers that plan and engage well ahead to discuss a vessel’s forward itinerary with the RightShip Inspections team continue to see Inspections completed seamlessly, in convenient ports, and ahead of inspection expiry. Planning is essential to mitigate risk for the Owner/Manager. We recommend that Owners/Managers also plan Inspections for discharge ports, or anchorages prior to loading, but other operational status can be considered.  In addition, please note:

  • Owners of Capesize vessels intending to call at Australian Pilbara ports for loading and requiring inspection are strongly advised to make the necessary arrangements in the Far East before proceeding. Continuing strict West Australian Covid restrictions and limited helicopter transfer availability have seen many vessels incur significant delays.
  • Due to Sanctions and ongoing hostilities RightShip is not currently offering Inspections in Russia or Ukraine.

The RightShip Inspection Ship Questionnaire (RISQ) transition is gathering pace, with over 75% of Inspectors trained who will inspect based on the new format in their next inspections. In terms of coverage, our recent review of locations where regular demand exceeds trained capacity means that additional resources are being engaged and trained, for example in South America and New Zealand.

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