Yu Yamada, Key Account Manager (Japan) – interviewed by Japan Maritime Daily

Yu Yamada has been appointed as Key Account Manager (Japan) of the ship assessment and rating agency RightShip. The RightShip platform (‘the ‘Platform’) is used for safety, the environment, and welfare of seafarers, it acts as a bridge for Japanese maritime clusters. We asked Yamada about his aspirations for taking office and his policy on initiatives in the Japanese market.

Tell us about your aspirations for inauguration.

"The ‘Key Accountʼ in my title refers to the Japanese maritime industry. As the title says ʻJapanʼ, it is my responsibility to devote myself to the Japanese maritime industry, and I want to move forward. We provide the RightShip Platform on safety, the environment and crew welfare, which functions as a common database for stakeholders such as ship owners, operators (operating shipping companies), ship management companies, and shippers. I want to collaborate as a bridge that connects the people involved."

"Through the Platform, vessels operated by Japanese carriers are evaluated fairly, properly, and visualized. They receive many nominations, transport cargo safely, and crew members return safely. I want to devote myself as a ʻTrusted Partnerʼ to the realization of such an environment."

Dedication to Zero Harm

Please tell us more about your safety initiatives in detail.

"In the Platform, there is a ʼsafety scoreʼ. This is a five-level evaluation of the safety of ships and DOC (Document of Compliance) companies and is based on the five-year historical operational performance of the company and its vessels."

"DOC company evaluation is based on the incidents PSC (port state control) deficiencies and detentions that occurred on the managed vessels for the past five years. Vessel ratings are calculated on a scale of three or higher and are dependent on the six sub scores namely incidents, DOC, detentions, deficiency, classification society and flag performance of the vessel."

"Even if you take the word ʼsafetyʼ, there are differences in the recognition depending on the position of the shipping company, charterer, and shipper. Since RightShip aims for fairness and transparency, we like to recognize the differences through the Platform."

How about the environment?

"The GHG (greenhouse gas) rating evaluates the environmental performance of ships on a seven point scale (A to G). Using EEDI (Energy Efficiency Design Index) and EVDI (design efficiency index of existing ships) of RightShip, CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions are evaluated for each ship type and model."

"In addition, RightShip’s Carbon Accounting tool monitors CO2 equivalent emissions during operation. We will visualize the emissions of each ship and help shipping companies achieve their reduction targets. Emissions are calculated based on the ship’s specifications, operations, routes, and cargo conditions. It is also possible to display the emission status as a graph for each condition. This information can also be posted in The Sea Cargo Charter Report and can be an external sales tool for ship operators."

"In addition, RightShip’s Maritime Emission Portal calculates the GHG emission status at the port. The companies can grasp the volume of emissions of CO2, SOx (sulphur oxide), NOx (nitrogen oxide), VOC (Volatile Organic Contents), and PM (particulate matter) of vessels operating in the port in each state (anchorage / mooring / navigation). In Australia, some ports have completed trials and have been issued a carbon-neutral certificate by the government."

What are your efforts for welfare of seafarers?

"We have a self-assessment tool for crew rights and benefits for ship management companies. The results of the assessment will not be disclosed, but a ‘badge’ is given on the Platform to indicate that the self-assessment has been completed. This will show a ship’s crew that they are serious about their rights and benefits. It is free to use, so I want the companies to use it widely and effectively."

Please tell me about the vetting (ship selection) service.

"It is carried out by our vetting superintendent at the request of shippers and charterers. There are 50 vetting criteria (judgement standards). In addition to this, we check any additional criteria from shippers and charterers. The representative examples of the 50 items are past incidents reviews (incident details and subsequent incident handling), PSC results, and DOC company evaluations. We also have a comprehensive inspection regime if requested."

Yu Yamada graduated from the Faculty of Maritime Sciences, Kobe University in 2011 and joined MOL (marine position) and joined LIBERA (ship management department) in 2017. He Joined RightShip in November 2021 as Key Account Manager, Japan. Born in Shizuoka prefecture, he is 32 years old.