Yanling Yang – exploring maritime’s global connections

We were lucky enough to host two interns from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore for three months during the summer. Yanling Yang told us about the outstanding things she enjoyed – including a first visit to an Aussie rules football match and a day shadowing our CEO, as well as an invitation to stay on at RightShip for a little longer.

Tell us a little about yourself

Every time I share my degree - which is in Maritime Studies - people are quite surprised that I’m in that sector. But it’s always been something I find interesting; as you’re connecting with the whole world. It’s an industry that’s surprisingly niche when you consider how very relevant it is to our daily lives, especially in this globalised environment where all goods are carried internationally.

I’m still completing my degree at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), though I’m working flexibly to stay on a little longer at RightShip too. It’s a great combination.

What is your role at RightShip?

I joined the APAC team, particularly working in customer relationship management, liaising internally to learn how issues or difficulties with products faced by customers are dealt with and how the team works to find new clients.

I’ve been conducting some market research on which commodities and markets in the APAC region RightShip could focus on, as well as searching for potential customers and approaching them with our proposal.

I was a little nervous when I was asked to demonstrate the RightShip platform to a new customer, working with Carol Lestari and Wendy Huang. But I was fortunate to be guided by them both and I learned that you must be spontaneous in these sessions and know your product well, as every customer will have different questions. In fact, all the members from the APAC team, including my colleagues in China and Japan are very helpful and friendly.

RightShip is aiming for zero harm in the maritime industry. So, when working with the APAC team, I feel a real sense of accomplishment that I’m genuinely providing the support my team need, doing something useful for an industry trying to ‘go green’, by delivering safety, sustainability and crew welfare solutions to customers.

During the first part of my internship, I also spent some time shadowing the Operations and Sustainability teams in Melbourne, Australia, and met others virtually across the globe. I love the way the whole of RightShip is so interconnected.

Being asked to stay on is a real compliment and I look forward to adding more value to the team.

Have any of your past experiences been useful at RightShip?

Before I came to RightShip I did an internship at Lloyd’s Register, undertaking research projects on EEXI, EEDI, CII and other measures introduced by the IMO to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of ships. This experience really helped me to have a good understanding of RightShip’s environmental products and calculate EEXI.

This previous knowledge was boosted when I visited Australia and was embedded with the Sustainability team for a week. They asked me to investigate the ways different measures connect with the solutions we have – such as the GHG Rating, Maritime Emissions Portal and Carbon Accounting.

I also spent a week with the Operations team, who walked me through the entire vetting and inspection process. I was surprised to know how lengthy the list of criteria is that the team and inspectors must go through to ensure the safety of a vessel.

I was also given the opportunity to work with product team on User Acceptance Testing (UAT) on the improvement of sustainability products, which I really enjoyed.

What have been your favourite things your time at RightShip?

The RightStart breakfast is amazing - this is a small event RightShip holds once a week in Singapore and Melbourne. Every Thursday there are lots of fruits, pastries and delicious juices and everyone comes in to work early if they can, to meet, bond and chat informally. It’s a great way to meet new colleagues.

During my overseas attachment in Melbourne, I was also lucky enough to drive the Great Ocean Road, seeing some incredible views and eating in lovely cafes. Aussie rules football was also totally new to me. We went to a live match - the stadium was bigger than anything I’ve ever seen, and the chanting and anthems were so loud! I’m still not quite sure I understand what was going on, or all the expressions connected with the sport, but it was a brilliant trip.

I feel that RightShip really opened my eyes to the collaborative nature of the maritime industry. Candace (another MPA intern at RightShip), and I were lucky enough to shadow our CEO, Steen Lund, for a day. He really led by example in demonstrating through his daily actions that RightShip aims to deliver a safe sustainable and socially conscious future for the maritime industry. The way RightShip works - flexibly, globally - is something I really enjoy.