Why RightShip has partnered with Maritech in data sharing

In this article, Tarun Mehrotra, RightShip’s Chief Strategy Officer outlines the benefits of our new data sharing partnership with Maritech. 

Our vision for RightShip is a maritime industry that causes zero-harm. A key part of our ambition involves working with charterers to enable safer and environmentally sustainable due diligence decisions while selecting vessels for their trade. If we have more charterers adopting RightShip’s methodology and considering our safety insights and GHG Rating, this can have positive real-world implications.  

In pursuit of our vision, we are always seeking to improve the customer journey. Currently that means integrating our insights with other data platforms in the industry. We know that we have a critical role to play, but we believe in working with others to improve due diligence processes and make them as robust as possible.  


Breaking data silos with an ecosystem approach 

There are two key trends that are changing the way our industry works. The first is decarbonisation, the other is increasing digitisation of operations. The maritime sector has worked in silos for far too long. We need increased efficiencies to break those data silos. To do this we are taking an ecosystem approach. Our partnership with Maritech represents an important step in RightShip’s commitment to building a partnership ecosystem and we’re pleased to begin working with Maritech and believe in the strength of the solution, along with the potential for expansion over time.  

Maritech is a freight management platform, and RightShip is a risk management and due diligence platform. While we offer different solutions to customers, there are several synergies. There is an overlap in data needs for customers across both platforms, so in forming this partnership, we unpacked what those overlaps were in order to improve our mutual customers’ experience. To start with, this meant considering what a joint proposition for the market could mean, to ensure there were valuable efficiencies for our shared customers. We want our platforms to work together in a seamless manner.  


Benefits for the industry  

Today, most chartering companies and stakeholders are now going back to the drawing board and looking at some outdated processes that have been in the industry for far too long. But we want to make sure that as our customers explore transformational change, this is not coming at the cost of safety, sustainability and crew welfare. We need these pillars embedded in the industry’s digitalisation journey.  

This integrated partnership provides a unique value proposition to customers, included efficiency gained from a workflow process and more accurate decision-making. For us it’s the start of the journey. The first few steps involve housing RightShip’s Safety Score, GHG Rating and Dry Bulk Inspections outcomes within Maritech’s Sea/ platform.  

We believe this integration can evolve as time progresses as we learn from our customers and the working relationship. RightShip has a planned innovation pipeline, and we can look to potentially scale this partnership in time, through a lens of listening to customer’s needs to ultimately ensure that these integrations provide real and lasting benefit.  


Data sharing for improved standardisation 

The RightShip team is committed to transparency that enhances the safety and sustainability of the maritime supply chain. Offering solutions in-house only gets us so far so it makes sense to collaborate. There is a plethora of data in our industry, and we will see more digital partnerships moving forward.  

Data sharing leads to improved standardisation across the sector. Standardisation ultimately provides charterers, ship owners and key industry stakeholders with more clarity and access to more comprehensive data insights. This leads to more consistent risk analysis, which in turn delivers safer and more sustainable voyages.  

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