What you can expect from RightShip’s new Safety Score

RightShip’s team is grateful for the patience our customers have shown and the broad industry feedback shared, which has contributed to delivery of the best possible Safety Score within the new Platform. 

As a result of your contributions, we have enhanced the Safety Score to now include clearer rules, and options for expert review and governance procedures to help shipowners improve their safety standards and support charterers to understand the initial steps towards full due diligence – from indicative Safety Score through to vetting.   

We have modified sections of the Safety Score to improve your experience and improve clarity  

  • The Safety Score rules have been expanded and now govern which vessels can achieve a score of N/A, zero, 1 and 2. 
  • We have refined and expanded the categorisation of the incidents within the Safety Score, delivering improved clarity.  
  • Rules and expert review processes have been established, which means lower scoring vessels have a clearer path to improvement.  
  • Comprehensive governance ensures that the vessels are categorised correctly   

In addition, we have strengthened and further cleansed our platform data and added improved categorisations to incidents.   

We’ve undertaken this additional review and development phase so that we can continue to provide the industry with the most accurate due diligence and safety guidance.    

Why did we make these changes?

We made these changes for both our vetting customers and ship owners.  

For vetting customers 

We made these changes for vetting customers, such as charterers and ports and terminals, to use the Safety Score as the first step in due diligence, with greater governance during this process.  

We have made a clear distinction between Safety Score rules (NA, zero, SS1 and SS2), and to include a model review of vessels that achieve a SS3 – SS5. All vessels that resolve any triggers that have been activated within the Safety Score rules then have a manual review by two vetting superintendents to confirm that there have been meaningful improvements in safety operations on this vessel or within the vessel management. 

On ComingSoon.RightShip.com we have clearly outlined how customers can use the Safety Score as the initial input into their complete due diligence process, which includes considerations of a vessels condition (vessel inspections) as well as sustainability and social responsibility practises (included as part of our Vessel Vetting process).  

For shipowners  

The shipowning community asked for guidance and clear actions to help them market their commitment to best practise in operational safety. At each stage in the Safety Score, customers can see where they can improve their score and take action regardless of their score.   

All vessels at SS1 and SS2 can submit a request for a Safety Score review, working with our superintendents to improve their score and continue on their path to best practice.

Your transition timeline

The new Safety Score is now operating in beta and based on data as of 1st November 2020. If you are an existing customer, you can log in to see your new score and any Safety Score rules they may have triggered. The scores are indicative only until the platform is launched. We will provide an opportunity to request a review for rules in safety scores 1 and 2 from early January 2021. This means that the beta platform will not include any data submitted or routes to resolution which may increase or decrease your score until it is refreshed in January 2021. 

You can find out more about the transitioning timeline here.

Existing customers can access the beta platform with their existing Qi log in credentials via ComingSoon.RightShip.com. If you would like to enquire about accessing the platform, please contact us via info@rightship.com.