What motivated Learning Seaman to join RightShip's Zero Harm Innovation Partners Program?

In this podcast episode, we had the privilege of speaking with Yofis Florentine, CEO of Learning Seaman. Our conversation delved into Learning Seaman's mission, which centres around providing a lifeline for seafarers through innovative features tailored to promote holistic well-being at sea.



Why did Learning Seaman join RightShip's Zero Harm Innovation Partners Program?

Embarking on a mission to elevate seafarer wellbeing and resilience, Learning Seaman joins RightShip's Zero Harm Innovation Partners Program. This partnership is driven by a commitment to enhance safety and well-being and cultivate a culture of continual progress across the maritime industry.

Learning Seaman's decision to participate in the Zero Harm Innovation Partners Program is deeply rooted in its dedication to supporting seafarers' mental health and well-being. With a pioneering vision to provide a lifeline for those who dedicate their lives to the maritime industry, Learning Seaman's platform offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to nurture seafarers' holistic health. From peer-to-peer chat and mental health awareness to fitness routines, meditation sessions, and nutrition guidance, Learning Seaman aims to empower seafarers with the tools they need to thrive at sea.

What problems does Learning Seaman's solution solve?

Learning Seaman addresses seafarer challenges with innovative technologies, robust training, and strategic partnerships, aiming to improve mental health and overall well-being.

Demonstrating its commitment, Learning Seaman has implemented comprehensive crew welfare initiatives, focusing on mental health support, extensive training, and improved living conditions to enhance industry standards.

What does Learning Seaman hope to achieve by being part of the Zero Harm Innovation Partners program?

As Learning Seaman embarks on its journey within the Zero Harm Innovation Partners Program, the horizon is filled with possibilities for deeper collaboration, broader impact, and ongoing refinement of practices. Long-term goals centre around creating a cascade effect of positive change throughout the maritime ecosystem, focusing on improving seafarer well-being and resilience.

In conclusion, Learning Seaman's participation in RightShip's Zero Harm Innovation Partners Program exemplifies its commitment to driving positive change within the maritime industry. By prioritising seafarer well-being and resilience, Learning Seaman sets sail on a voyage toward a brighter future for all those who call the sea their home.


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