What inspired Bigyellowfish to become part of RightShip's Zero Harm Innovation Partners Program?

In this podcast episode with Captain Soma, CEO of Bigyellowfish, we dive deep into Bigyellowfish journey towards contributing to a zero harm maritime industry and how they're making waves with their innovative solution.

In this podcast episode, we had the privilege of speaking with Captain Soma, CEO of Bigyellowfish, a leading player in the maritime industry's quest for safety, sustainability, and crew welfare. Our conversation delved into Bigyellowfish's mission, initiatives, and their involvement in the Zero Harm Innovation Partners Program.


Why did Bigyellowfish join RightShip's Zero Harm Partners Program?

Inspired by a vision of industry-wide transformation, Bigyellowfish joined the Zero Harm Innovation Partners Program to collaborate with like-minded entities and leverage collective expertise towards pioneering solutions for safer and greener maritime operations. The primary goals include enhancing safety protocols, reducing environmental impact, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement across the industry.

The alignment between the Zero Harm Innovation Partners Program and Bigyellowfish's values is evident in their shared emphasis on safety and sustainability. By participating in this program, Bigyellowfish reinforces its dedication to implementing cutting-edge technologies and best practices that prioritise human well-being and environmental conservation in maritime endeavours.

What challenges does Bigyellowfish's solution tackle?

Looking at challenges and opportunities, the maritime industry faces significant hurdles in ensuring both safety and sustainability. Bigyellowfish is well-positioned to tackle these challenges head-on through innovative technologies, rigorous training programs, and strategic partnerships. By embracing a proactive approach, they aim to set new benchmarks in safety standards and environmental stewardship.

A notable achievement highlighting Bigyellowfish's dedication is its implementation of comprehensive crew welfare initiatives. By prioritising crew well-being, including mental health support, training opportunities, and comfortable living conditions, Bigyellowfish sets a precedent for industry-wide improvements in this crucial aspect.

What does Bigyellowfish hope to achieve by joining this program?

As Bigyellowfish continues its journey within the Zero Harm Innovation Partners Program, the evolution entails deeper collaboration, broader impact, and ongoing refinement of practices, as more stakeholders adopt its solution. 

Long-term objectives revolve around creating a ripple effect of positive change regarding crew welfare throughout the maritime ecosystem.

In conclusion, Bigyellowfish's involvement in the Zero Harm Innovation Partners Program epitomises its leadership role in driving positive change in the maritime industry. By upholding core values, fostering collaborations, and prioritising crew welfare alongside safety and sustainability, Bigyellowfish sets a benchmark for industry-wide transformation and continuous improvement.


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