Why we have refreshed our vision and mission at RightShip

In this article, RightShip’s Head of Marketing and Communications, Claudia Norrgren, explains why we have revisited our purpose and what our future ambition looks like.

RightShip is going through a tremendous amount of change as we celebrate 20 years and look to the future. After a successful Platform launch and the development of several strategic initiatives which are underway, it was time to turn our attention to the future of RightShip.  

This helped us to refresh our company vision and mission, which will inform everything that we do moving forward, including our strategy, partnerships, products, services and growth. We’d like the opportunity to share these with you. 


VISION: A maritime industry that causes zero harm    

This sounds ambitious – and we know it is, but that’s exactly what a long-term vision should be. We don’t believe there is a place in our industry for any incidents, fatalities or casualties. Through our industry partnerships, we are working towards a world in which every seafarer goes home safe and happy after each voyage. In addition, as we work towards shared maritime decarbonisation goals, we believe technology and innovation can help us reach net zero and eradicate environmental harm.  Ultimately, we believe there can and will be a time when the maritime supply chain causes no harm to people and oceans.   


MISSION: To be a trusted innovation partner, charting a safe, sustainable and socially conscious future for the maritime industry  

Our mission is reflected in the work we do every day to reach our ambitious long-term zero-harm vision. That means always committing to innovation that delivers the safe, sustainable, people-centric goals we’re working towards.   

We believe that when everyone within an organisation has the data and insights easily accessible to them, from the CEO to the junior analyst, and they understand  how they can use that as an individual to cause zero harm and improve our industry, the collective impact makes us unstoppable on our path to success. 


How are we going to get there?  

We know we can’t achieve ambitious goals on our own and we are currently exploring partnerships in technology and innovation that help us to work as a collective to improve conditions for people, the planet and our society.  

If you’re interested in learning about RightShip’s partnerships contact info@rightship.com