South Americas RightShip team welcomes Bernardo Vettorazzi

Did you know that according to the Statistical Yearbook produced by the Brazilian National Waterway Transport Agency—ANTAQ, Brazil’s port sector “represents 95% of the foreign trade flow in Brazil. In addition, the revenue of the port system reaches an average of 293 billion reais annually, which represents 14.2% of the Brazilian GDP and is responsible for generating 120,000 direct and indirect jobs.” That’s why our South Americas team at RightShip is excited to welcome our new Business Development Manager, Bernado Vettorazzi, based in Brazil. 

Vettorazzi has first-hand experience in the maritime industry in after-sales care for Kongsberg. When visiting their ports In Norway, he encountered one of the biggest marine operations in the world: the North Seas. This is where he became inspired to work in the shipping industry. 

“It is impossible for the world economy to exist without this industry, and helping shipping operations to grow sustainably, with crew welfare in mind, and promoting strategies to reduce greenhouse emissions, and protect Brazil’s beautiful coastlines is why I’m glad to have joined RightShip.” 


Exploring new territory in the South Americas and Brazil  

Vettorazzi is interested in “greenfields” markets. He’s certain Brazil’s maritime industry has huge potential for future members who will be keen to join RightShip and benefit from our products.  

“For those operating out of Brazil, RightShip is a tremendous opportunity to influence the safety of ships, cargo, maritime crews, and protect Brazil’s coastal communities.” 

Vettorazzi, a native Portuguese speaker, will be networking, attending conferences, and promoting RightShip’s MEP to ports and terminals as his first steps. 


Characteristics of the maritime industry in Brazil  

Brazil is the fifth biggest economy in the world and a powerhouse for the mining industry. Comprising almost eight thousand kilometres of coastline, it’s clear to Vettorazzi that ports play a huge role in servicing the maritime industry. 

“Brazil is naturally and organically developing to service growth and world markets. For business development to succeed, we can help new RightShip members to identify their most seaworthy long-haul vessels from Brazil to the world and back their decisions with our MEP, Vetting, GHG Ratings and Safety Score.” 

Vettorazzi tells us that the safety of mining and the volume of mining exports is particular to the region’s characteristics. Cargos are fragile and valuable, and many travel incredibly long distances to their destination ports.  

“The potential to expand RightShip globally has made us set our sights on the China maritime market. China mariners have a large stake in the South Americas and are rapidly expanding their businesses in the region.” 


Challenges for Brazilian mariners 

Vettorazzi believes two dynamic facts impact the maritime industry at the moment. 

“China still has the challenges of Covid-19, and the Ukraine/Russian conflict is changing the face of many industry attitudes about how Brazil wants to trade with nations under pressure. China is a growth area for the economy in all respects, and at the same time, it is vital to consider the welfare of those we trade with when countries are affected by war.” 

Going forwards, he says, “I want to start the conversations with decision-makers at upcoming logistics conferences that will help a lot of important companies, ports and terminals that operate in Brazil”. His focus is on the potential for RightShip to provide mariners with a way to improve their environmental, social and governance approach to the shipping industry as we move closer towards a zero harm future. 

“When spending time with my four-year-old son, I realize daily that the work I do with RightShip will help secure his future, too.” 


Life in Brazil 

Living in Rio de Janeiro means being part of a vibrant culture. In his spare time, Bernado plays drums in a rock band, enjoys his favourite Brazillian dish — Feijoada which is a lovely combination of beans, rice, meat and farofa — and finds he is the unwitting target of his four-year-old son during games and play-fighting!  

Join us in giving Bernardo Vettorazzi a warm welcome at RightShip. If you are interested in hearing more about how RightShip in Brazil and the South Americas can help your marine operations, please contact the RightShip Business Development team.