Shipowners who haven’t submitted their EEXI certificates yet should do so now

The deadline for updating EEXI technical files and IEE certificates is coming.

The IMO made attaining the required EEXI (g/c02/t/nm) a requirement for applicable vessels starting in January 2023, and there isn’t much time left for shipowners to get their paperwork in order. The final submission survey date is three months after the next IAPP survey, with most vessels likely to comply by the end of 2023. 

Shipowners who haven’t submitted their EEXI technical files and IEE certificates yet should do so as soon as they’re available. Do not wait any longer. Those who have waited to submit theirs are already at a disadvantage.  

Here’s why. 

Don’t get caught on the hop needing to make modifications. 

There are two key numbers for shipowners. The ‘required’ EEXI is calculated by the IMO based on the size and type of a vessel. The ‘attained’ EEXI is the actual design energy efficiency of your vessel. The ‘attained’ EEXI number must be less than or equal to the ‘required’. Some vessel owners will find that their numbers are on the wrong side of that line, and will have to make modifications to their vessels to become compliant. Do this before the compliance date. 

Make your investments count. 

As the regulatory landscape around ESG evolves, shipowners are investing in equipment that helps them to reduce the environmental impact of their vessels and fleets. These are important improvements that enable fuel saving, cost saving, and reduced GHG emissions. But if shipowners fail to submit their EEXI certificates in time, they will count for little. Charterers need their commercial partners to be compliant.  

EEXI and GHG Rating. 

The majority of charterers only select ships with a GHG Rating of A-D. EEXI may include information that impacts a vessel’s GHG Rating. For example, EEXI may include information for unverified EVDI vessels. Making sure that this information is correct can impact a vessel’s GHG Rating could, potentially, improve a ship’s chances of being selected by charterers. 

In addition, EEXI may include information on Energy-Saving Device investments made (like propeller boss cap fins), which can also impact a vessel’s GHG Rating.  

More broadly, EEXI ensures that a vessel’s information is fully up to date ahead of upcoming changes to the RightShip GHG Rating later in 2023.  

There are two ways to submit your certificates. Customers and non-customers can visit this page and follow the instructions. Customers can also submit directly through the RightShip Platform.