RightShip's Zero Harm Innovation Partners Program: What are Digimoor X7 and Work-Ship's goals for joining this initiative?

In this podcast episode, Capt Arjun Singh and Capt Sachin Sikka, Directors of Digimoor X7 and Work-Ship, discuss their inspiration for developing safety tools for crews and leading DEI research on the impact of mooring tools on female seafarers.


What motivated DigiMoor X7 and Work-Ship to join RightShip's Zero Harm Partners Program?

Digimoor X7 and Work-Ship were inspired to join RightShip's Zero Harm Partners Program to align with organisations that share their dedication to enhancing maritime safety. The program gives them a unique platform to collaborate with industry leaders, leveraging their expertise and solutions to minimise risks and improve crew wellbeing. 

What challenges do DigiMoor X7 and Work-Ship's solutions address?

Digimoor X7 addresses challenges in mooring systems and line management by automating compliance with stringent industry standards. It provides comprehensive mooring rope lifecycle data for accurate maintenance forecasting, empowering ship operators to make proactive and well-informed decisions. This reduces the risk of accidents and enhances overall safety on board. 

Work-Ship tackles the intricate challenge of managing crew work and rest hours with a dual class-approved platform that seamlessly complies with international standards. Its intuitive interface and real-time notifications streamline the planning, monitoring, and analysis of crew rest hours, ensuring regulatory compliance and significantly improving crew welfare. 

What are DigiMoor X7 and Work-Ship's goals for joining this program?

By joining the Zero Harm Partners Program, Digimoor X7 and Work-Ship aspire to further their mission of advancing maritime safety and crew welfare. They aim to contribute to the development of industry best practices, foster innovation in safety solutions, and champion diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the maritime sector. They also hope to gain valuable insights and collaborate with other industry pioneers to continually enhance their products and services.

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