RightShip’s new Japan Business Development Manager, Kazuhiro Nakamoto

Japan is a crucial and vibrant centre for trade and shipping – and we are delighted to introduce our newest Business Development Manager, Kazuhiro Nakamoto. Kazuhiro will be one of RightShip’s key people in improving maritime operations in Japan, bringing years of seafaring experience and extensive knowledge of vessel safety to the role. He also enjoys baseball and boat racing in his free time.  


Kazuhiro believes that Japan’s charterers, shipowners and managers, and ports and terminals operators can achieve real benefits from working with the team at RightShip. Our platform provides transparent real-time data to identify the best vessels to transport cargo, including fragile and valuable consignments. Kazuhiro is committed to helping RightShip members foster the highest standards in shipping. He can provide the best advice to help enhance the standards of maritime operations and improve safety, environmental standards, sustainability, and crew welfare in Japan. 


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