RightShip welcomes New Global Decarbonisation Manager, Dean Loveridge, in Singapore

Shipping is the one of the seven, most carbon-intensive forms of transport. At RightShip, we believe the future and growth of the industry lies in zero emissions. That’s why we're excited to announce the appointment of Dean Loveridge as the new Global Decarbonisation Manager for RightShip.

As the new Global Decarbonisation Manager for RightShip, Dean is a subject matter expert on how to implement effective and practical carbon reduction across the shipping supply chain, convey pertinent data digitally, and make optimal changes when looking at carbon risk.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have been so heavily involved in the maritime industry. It has taken me all over the world for operations and to shipyards, including developing innovative solutions, for shipboard performance, and reduction of emissions,” Dean shares of his experience.

With his expertise in process engineering systems, with alternative fuels, energy carriers, green corridors and carbon capture, , Dean is looking forward to representing RightShip to share about decarbonisation solutions at conferences and through thought leadership papers on lifecycle, GHG analysis, carbon accounting, and Scope 3 for commodities transport.


Collaboration to drive change.

Dean believes it’s an exciting time in the maritime industry. “The market has changed and RightShip has identified that decarbonisation crosses into many of our business areas. Collaboration is required and not just with ports and terminals, charters, shipowners and/or managers but across the entire maritime industry.”

Dean intends to begin the process by bringing more value to each stakeholder across the supply chain and create an intuitive product that enhances decision-making geared towards zero carbon emissions.

“I’m keen to start discussions with technical and institutional experts across the maritime industry who share the common goal of getting to zero across the industry. It is also important we touch base with the decision-makers who operate the vessels and know, for example, their carbon reduction plans, if any, as well as their pathway and/or roadblocks to adopting alternative fuels, EGCS, and carbon capture.”


A dedicated path to zero-harm

On joining RightShip, Dean said: “It is vital to get the maritime industry moving alongside the regulators on decarbonisation. Together, we can limit the annual average global temperature rise to 1.5°C by 2030 and aim for carbon net zero by 2050.”

More importantly, Dean who is an outdoors and nature enthusiast from New Zealand, believes in preserving the maritime environment for future generations.


DEI targets in shipping

A month into the job and Dean appreciates how every individual and department in RightShip is fully committed to RightShip’s mission of zero-harm.

“The people on this mission are important and I’ve learned to take care of the people around me. Train them, coach them, lead them to do their work, identify when they need help. The pandemic has brought to the fore the different requirements for today’s workforce. You need high emotional intelligence and compassion for people.”

It is also Dean’s goal to foster gender diversity especially in engineering and he believes this will happen when the right connections and partnerships are established to promote the meaningful impact STEM roles can make.

Join us in giving Dean Loveridge a warm welcome at RightShip. If you are interested in hearing more about how RightShip can help you decarbonise your operations, get in touch with us here.