RightShip supports the Seafarers International Relief Fund (SIRF) with charitable donation

RightShip has made a GBP £10,000 donation to the SIRF, in light of the fund’s work to provide immediate support to seafarers impacted by Covid-19 in India.

An emergency appeal, coordinated by The Seafarers’ Charity (formerly Seafarers UK) and supported by The Mission to Seafarers, Stella Maris, ISWAN, Sailors’ Society and other groups, has been established due to an urgent need for better support for Indian seafarers and their families.  

Seafarers are the foundation of our sector, and many continue to work through extraordinarily difficult circumstances. We believe it is essential to provide financial aid during this time.  

RightShip is grateful to those making an effort to support the seafarers working in and around India and delivering essential physical and emotional support. With the crisis expected to continue in India for several months, the emergency fund will help to provide immediate resources where they are needed most.  

Our team has expanded our charity contributions for 2021 given these distressing circumstances and has delivered GBP £10,000 to this important cause. We will also continue to explore opportunities with our charity partners including the Sustainable Shipping Initiative, Human Rights at Sea and Mission to Seafarers.  

RightShip will also make specific regional donations for the Day of the Seafarer in June.  

For those seeking to contribute to the emergency fund, SIRF has outlined the process for individuals and companies here.  

According to RightShip CEO, Steen Lund, this fund, which has been established quickly to provide immediate support, will benefit from broad industry support.  

“We offer our full support to SIRF and those doing the important work to turn donations into meaningful assistance for vulnerable workers,” he said.  

“RightShip continues to advocate for safer working conditions for seafarers and we will seek to work closely with those on the front line to provide aid wherever possible.”  


There are many ways to make a donation to The Seafarers Charity. Click here to find out how you can support the Relief Fund and the many seafarers who are affected by COVID-19.