RightShip supports the Mission to Seafarers to protect shipping’s most valuable asset: It’s people

RightShip, the world’s largest maritime risk management and environmental assessment organisation, has today announced support for The Mission to Seafarers in their work to protect the well-being of seafarers around the world, with an unrestricted donation of US$25,000.

Although many countries are starting to ease COVID-19 restrictions, and despite vigorous efforts by the shipping industry, many crew remain trapped on vessels as a result of transit difficulties. Others face financial difficulty because they are unable to join ships. During port visits, crew are still often unable to access the normal range of facilities or welfare provision.   The unrestricted donation provided by RightShip will ensure the Mission is able to accelerate its work where it is most needed, ensuring the industry’s essential workers can be protected and supported, with significant benefits to the entire industry.

It is recognised that the extreme isolation crews have experienced on board vessels over these last few months has placed a heavy strain on seafarers, and hugely impacted their wellbeing. This can result in the safety of a vessel being affected, and the industry is being called to support seafarers, now more than ever before.

RightShip’s values of promoting a safer industry aligns with the Mission’s goals and this partnership will assist in achieving industry-wide improvements for seafarers. The port-based centre provisions are at the heart of the support provided to seafarers but COVID-19 has seriously undermined the ability to deliver that service. The charity is currently working to provide PPE for all port teams to ensure the frontline is protected and is redesigning centres to ensure seafarers have a safe haven when allowed onshore over the coming months. The Mission also continues to work on providing Mi-Fi units to ports to ensure greater connectivity for seafarers to contact their loved ones.

Commenting on the donation Martin Crawford-Brunt, CEO at RightShip, said:

“RightShip’s mission has always been to improve safety across the entire industry and we recognise that seafarers underpin the entire global supply chain. During this unprecedented time, seafarers need industry-wide support more than ever. If we are unable to provide seafarers the adequate rest at home with their families and look after their mental health, we may see an increase in the number of safety incidents. Happy and rested crews run safer vessels.

“We are extremely pleased to be able to support The Mission to Seafarers in providing assistance to seafarers where it is needed most. Our donation is unrestricted to ensure the mission has the funding available to continue to provide their support where it is most needed during this critical time.

The Revd Canon Andrew Wright, Secretary General for The Mission to Seafarers commented:

“Over the past few months, seafarers have required support in all areas of their lives. We also know, all too well, that crew welfare has a huge impact on the safety of the vessel. Our work has intensified due the vast amount of seafarers needing support during these unprecedented times. This work now ranges from assisting with crew changes within the Philippines, to feeding families who are suffering financially, to a massively increased ability to support seafarers digitally. This is all in addition to our regular port support and intervention provisions.

“Now is the time for the industry to address a range of very important priorities and this support from RightShip has come at a vital time for us. RightShip and the Mission both share a huge appreciation for the work that our seafarers do and this unrestricted donation will benefit those who need it most and help us protect the industry’s international essential workers.”