RightShip's 18 year anniversary & 500,000 vet

Interview with Sanjay Dhareshwar, Vetting Superintendent

October 2019 is a significant month for RightShip in terms of milestones – our 18th Birthday, our 500,000th vet clearance and a work anniversary for Sanjay Dhareshwar who has been a Vetting Superintendent with RightShip for the entire journey.

Our hearty congratulations & thanks to Sanjay on 18 years of loyal service to RightShip & our customers, and to our wider global team who work tirelessly to improve the safety & sustainability of the world’s shipping fleet.

We marked the occasion with an interview with Sanjay about the in-and-outs of life as a member of RightShip’s global vetting team.

How long have you worked for RightShip?

I have been with RightShip since it came into being on 1 Oct 2001 as one of the four ‘start up’ team members, and for the last 18 years very much a part of its growth.

What is daily life like for a RightShip Vetting Superintendent?

The daily routine of a Vetting Superintendent is similar on day-to-day basis. Each day is spent in the handling of vets and other activities in the Qi system and responding to emails from ship operators.

What are your favourite parts of the job?

The nice part of this job is the scope available to vetting superintendents to make shipping safe and sustainable with a sense of achievement when customers appreciate and acknowledge this effort.

What are the biggest challenges of the role?

Our risk rating and vetting results impact the day-to-day business of our customers and ships owners, and hence the challenge is to ensure that vetting requests and other related queries are responded to swiftly and in keeping with RightShip’s mission.

How has vetting changed in the last few years?

A change of vetting system and a new risk rating model has changed some aspects of ship vetting, along with new customer-specific rules now being taken into consideration in the vetting of vessels.

Do you have any favourite customers and if so, why?

There are no favourite customers for me, as each customer is equally important and to be provided with the same level of professional response with each ship handled, per its status in the Qi system.

What are the biggest challenges in the industry moving forwards?

I feel that the challenges to the shipping industry moving forward – other than dealing with IMO2020 – will be in the realm of cyber security, human welfare and the impact of trade wars on the maritime industry.

You can find more information on RightShip’s vetting service here