RightShip and Portos RS commit to a safer and more sustainable future.

On the final day of INTERMODAL South America, Portos RS and RightShip signed a partnership to implement RightPORT Risk Solutions, a cutting-edge risk management solution for ports and terminals.

Portos RS manages three public ports: Rio Grande, Pelotas, and Porto Alegre, in addition to 17 terminals, and its adoption of RightPORT will make it a leader in the Latin American region for proactive assessment and management of vessel-based risk.  

Designed by RightShip’s ports and terminals-focused taskforce, RightPORT is a comprehensive risk management solution that transforms pre-arrival preparations and enhances operational efficiency in-port. Key to the tool’s effectiveness is its use of RightShip’s comprehensive database of maritime vessels, incidents, and companies, which is rigorously verified and regularly updated. Using this data, RightPORT screens inbound vessels against customisable risk-based criteria, while digital forms and questionnaires ensure rapid and effective communication between ship and port.  

At its heart, RightPORT Risk Solutions is designed to remove the unknown and give ports full visibility of the risk profiles of incoming vessels, enabling them to prepare effectively in advance.

Anthony Teo and Cristiano Klinger

Anthony Teo, Head of the Americas and Vice-President at RightShip and
Cristiano Klinger, President of Portos RS, during the signature ceremony at Intermodal

Cristiano Klinger, President of Portos RS, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, noting, "This initiative aligns perfectly with our strategic goal to establish Portos RS as a benchmark in port management while further positioning us as a central hub in the Conesul region. Moreover, the integration of PortRisk represents a significant advancement in our operational capabilities and our commitment to environmental stewardship."

Anthony Teo, Head of the Americas and Vice-President at RightShip, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the revolutionary impact of PortRisk on port operations. "It is with immense pride that we embark on this journey with Portos RS. We are eager to foster a close collaboration with the Porto RS team, aiming to significantly enhance the Rio Grande do Sul port authority's operational efficiency and risk management practices," he stated.

This partnership marks a pivotal moment for Portos RS, as it leverages RightShip's innovative solutions to improve safety, efficiency, and sustainability in its operations, underscoring a shared vision for excellence in maritime and port management.