RightShip recognises the Singapore Registry of Ships “Green” Notation

A joint press release with MPA Singapore.

An inaugural batch of 21 seafarers were awarded the Sail Milestone Achievement Programme (SailMAP) financial incentives worth $126,000 at the Singapore Registry of Ships (SRS) Forum 2022 held today. The SailMAP provides each eligible local seafarer up to $50,000 when they attain key milestones in their seafaring training leading to the Certificate of Competency Class 1, the highest level of shipboard competency.

Sail Milestone Achievement Programme (SailMAP)

2. The MPA, e2i1, Singapore Shipping Association (SSA), Singapore Maritime Officers’ Union (SMOU), and Singapore Organisation of Seamen (SOS) announced
the launch of SailMAP in May 2022. The SailMAP incentives include waiver of fees for the first examination attempt for the Certificate of Competency Class 3/52, a monthly allowance of S$1,000 while studying, and also bonuses of up to S$10,000 on completion of each shipboard training milestone.

3. “MPA and tripartite partners (unions and industry) will support our aspiring seafarers in their training to make seafaring an attractive long-term career choice. MPA encourages young Singaporeans to participate in the SailMAP, and we will continue to support them in their seafaring journey to become Captains and Chief
Engineers,” said Mr Teo Eng Dih, Chief Executive of MPA.

Green Ship Programme (GSP)

4. Delivering the opening address at the SRS Forum, Mr Teo noted that as a small, low-lying country with an open economy, Singapore is particularly vulnerable to the impact of climate change. As Singapore continues to be a strong supporter of global efforts to combat climate change, the SRS will do more to promote and incentivise sustainable shipping and grow its green fleet through its Green Ship
Programme (GSP).

5. Launched in 2011, the GSP is a programme under the Maritime Singapore Green Initiative which provides incentives and reductions of fees for ship owners who voluntarily adopt solutions that enable ships to exceed environmental regulatory standards set by the International Maritime Organization.

6. This year, a total of 29 Singapore-flagged ships from 17 companies received Green Ship certificates under the GSP for their efforts in reducing the environmental impact of their fleet, including using low-carbon fuels such as methanol and energy efficient technologies that enabled the ships to exceed the
Energy Efficiency Design Index requirements mandated by the International Maritime Organization. Since 2011, a total of 666 ships have been recognised as green ships.

RightShip to recognise the SRS “Green” notation

7. Additionally, the world’s leading ship vetting company, RightShip, will recognise the SRS “Green” notation. From 1 January 2023, RightShip will display the
SRS “Green” notation on its environmental, social and governance-focused digital maritime platform.

8. The inclusion of the SRS “Green” notation3 on Rightship’s digital maritime platform affirms the notation’s quality standards and will encourage more vessel
owners to be accredited through implementing low-carbon energy-efficient solutions on their Singapore-flagged ships.

Top Net Tonnage Contributor

9. Mr Teo also presented the SRS Top Net Tonnage Contributor Award 2022 to Evergreen Marine Corporation (Taiwan) Ltd with a contribution of 1.02 million gross tons. The SRS continues to rank Top 5 globally with a total tonnage at 94.2 million gross tonnage as of October 2022.

10. The annual SRS Forum gathered more than 350 participants, comprising industry players such as ship owners, managers, operators, and classification
societies. In addition, speakers from the Centre of Excellence in Maritime Safety, Singapore Polytechnic, Australian Maritime Safety Authority, as well as MPA’s
Sustainability Office, Shipping and Information Technology Divisions shared their insights on maritime energy transition, fleet quality improvement, flag and port state control, cyber security and shipping operational safety, as well as Maritime Singapore’s decarbonisation strategies.

1 e2i is a tripartite initiative of the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) set up to support nationwide manpower and skills upgrading initiatives.
2 COC 3 refers to COC Class 3 Deck Officer, COC 5 refers to COC Class 5 Marine Engineer Officer. The COC 3 examinations include both the oral and simulator components, while the COC 5 examination only has the oral component.
3 The SRS “Green” notation is part of the SRS Notation initiative, an accreditation system for Singapore-flagged vessels implemented in November 2021. Since then, seven vessels have been awarded the SRS “Green” Notation. The SRS Notation covers four categories, namely the “Smart” notation, “Cyber” notation, “Welfare” notation and “Green” notation. Singapore-flagged vessels that fulfil the requirements for each of the categories will be issued a certificate of recognition and their details will be published on MPA website to enhance their commercial attractiveness.