RightShip Platform and Safety Score launch date

After an incredible two years of research, development and assessment based on customer feedback, we are now in the final stages of work on the Platform and Safety Score. We are happy to announce the launch date of 8 February 2021. 

On this day, we will retire the risk rating and vet submissions in Qi. At the same time, the beta Platform will formally transition into the fully functioning RightShip Platform, where all customers will gain access via their existing log–in details to submit vets and review vessel details. Once the risk rating is decommissioned, the Safety Score will become the definitive RightShip vessel evaluation tool.   

How to prepare ahead of launch  

We ask all customers to ensure their teams are using the correct log–in details and have reviewed the beta Platform in preparation for the new user experience and workflow. You can find the training materials and downloadable training pack at help.rightship.com.   

For ship owners, it’s important to review your vessel information, particularly those that have triggered any Safety Score rules, so that you can implement the necessary route to resolution.  

To adequately prepare, charterers can review the training materials to ensure the vet submission process is understood prior to launch. 

We will provide more information in the lead up to our launch date, but if you have any questions in the meantime, please email info@rightship.com or call a representative in your region.  

This have been a significant undertaking and we couldn’t have done it without your support and valuable feedback. We look forward to delivering a transformative Platform that will enhance our communication with you and streamline your processes.