RightShip Leader’s Forum - Video: Cross supply chain safety and welfare

Safety and welfare are the biggest issues in shipping. Everyone in the industry must take responsibility for the safety and welfare of staff, crew, assets, cargo, and local communities. 

At the RightShip Leader’s Forum, we hosted a panel of industry leaders who have been thinking about this issue deeply for years. Moderated by RightShip’s Chief Commercial Officer Gurpreet Singh, the panel included: 

  • Eman Abdalla, Global Operations Director at Cargill Ocean Transportation,
  • Captain Rajesh Unni, CEO at Synergy, and 
  • James Marshall, CEO of Berge Bulk.  

Taken together, the panel is responsible for the transportation by sea of a huge amount of global trade and includes some of the most innovative players in the bulk carrying space. They discussed how to create a positive impact on communities and the younger generation, the role of regulation, and the need to create a safety culture while harnessing data effectively.  


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