RightShip launches familiarisation period for updated Safety Score

Following industry consultation, and acting on feedback, RightShip has made amendments to Safety Score methodology, providing a clear and transparent pathway to improved safety standards

RightShip, the world’s largest maritime risk management and environmental assessment organisation, has today announced the launch of a new familiarisation period for its updated Safety Score and Platform.

The two-month window, starting from today and running through to the end of January 2021, will provide the industry with an opportunity to learn about changes to the methodology of the Safety Score. These changes have been designed to create a clear pathway to the improvement of vessel safety standards.

The updates follow the July 2020 Beta launch of the new Safety Score and Platform. During this Beta period, RightShip worked in close consultation with stakeholders from right across the industry and gathered extensive feedback on the Score and how it can support improved safety outcomes.

RightShip has made several key improvements directly based on this industry feedback, including:

  • Adjustments to the Safety Score’s methodology to change how incidents are categorised, and the expansion of binary rules to cover the minimum standards that vessels must meet
  • Greater control and clarity for owners and operators of the lowest scored vessels, giving them a path to improving safety standards
  • A new ‘double-stamp’ system for data governance and changes to data within the Platform
  • Amendments to the decay rate for historic incidents, changing the length of time that a past incident impacts current vessel Scores
  • More data added to the Platform and a cleansing of Port State Control data to ensure greater integrity of outcomes.

These changes will support owners by giving them a clearer pathway for improvement at all levels of the Score. They will also will support RightShip’s vetting customers, including charterers, ports and terminals, by providing key insights as the first step in their due diligence processes.

Commenting on the launch of this new familiarisation period for the Safety Score, Martin Crawford-Brunt, CEO at RightShip, said:

“Throughout the development of the Safety Score and new Platform, we have always sought to work closely with our valued colleagues, customers and partners across the industry. Their feedback has been instrumental in helping us make the updates that we are launching today. We believe that these developments truly create a safety product that is designed for the industry, by the industry, and that will directly support greater safety, sustainability and welfare outcomes.

“This familiarisation period will give the industry a chance to understand the changes we have made and provide time for us to answer any questions that arise. We are proud to have created a wide variety of resources to support this transition and are excited to launch our new Safety Score and Platform early next year.”

The Safety Score is housed on the new RightShip Platform, which will replace the current platform Qi as well as the predictive Risk Rating once the Safety Score goes live. Over the coming months, RightShip will encourage platform users to review their data and familiarise themselves with the new user interface before the platform goes live in early 2021.

For more information about the new Safety Score and RightShip platform, please contact info@rightship.com.