RightShip iShine employee awards, winners announced!

Every year at RightShip we come together to celebrate members of our team who embody the RightShip Values and showcase commitment to our goals in their day-to-day work.  

The awards fall into five categories, reflecting our individual values, with the ultimate ‘iShine at RightShip Gold Award’ celebrating the person who combines everything into one complete package, reflected by the value ‘Our name.’ This will be awarded to the colleague who lives all of our values in combination and truly shines as a representative of our organisation, highlighting our name wherever they go.   

The iShine awards are open to all RightShip employees, so those with exemplary work ethics are recognised and rewarded. Employees nominate their colleagues, providing examples of their stellar work for the last 12 months. 

2022 saw a total of 175 nominations across the RightShip offices, regions and departments, and brought a small change to our usual line up of 5 winners. There were so many outstanding nominations, especially for one category. Innovation runs deep in RightShip, and we simply had too much to celebrate in that category to only have one winner. So, this year, we're recognising six colleagues rather than five. 

Read on to meet the 2022 winners. 


The Care Award 

Winner - Hayden Lok, Executive Assistant 

Nominated for her devotion to the individuals and communities that her work touches, Hayden’s passion for the wellbeing of her colleagues was appreciated by many. Her actions to establish and maintain a pleasant working environment and her efforts to create connections are greatly valued. Congratulations, Hayden! 


The Innovation Award 

Winner - Ali Darani, Vetting & Dry Cargo Inspections Superintendent 

The work that Ali put into updating our RISQ and inspections services could not go unrewarded with several colleagues highlighting his passion and dedication to creating the best possible standard. His work plays a pivotal role in long-term vision and the breadth and depth of his knowledge is awe-inspiring. Congratulations, Ali! 


Winner - Man Mohan, Product Support Manager 

Nominated for his curiosity and ability to seek innovate solutions, Man Mohan’s efforts in updating our renowned GHG Rating have not gone unnoticed. His confidence and inclusivity in communicating the intended changes both to colleagues and industry have inspired many to put their vote forward for this dedicated colleague. Congratulations, Man Mohan! 


The People Award 

Winner - Taner Umac, Operations Manager – EMEA 

The care that Taner shows to the people in his team and to those around him is wonderful to see. Highlighted as a leader who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way, Taner sets others up for success, demonstrating passionate professionalism and a commitment to respectful, inclusive and results-orientated outcomes. Congratulations, Taner! 


The Integrity Award 

Winner - Mihhail Klaaser, Data Quality Lead 

Mihhail was nominated for his incredible commitment to seriously reviewing closeout details with unwavering scrutiny, ensuring that unbiased decisions were made every time. A trusted and respected member of the vetting team, his efforts have boosted the external credibility of the RightShip name. Congratulations, Mihhail! 


The iShine at RightShip Gold Award 

Winner - Tony Honeyborne, Inspections Manager 

Here is a man who has made an incredible impact on his colleagues – with so many of them coming forward to detail the ways in which he has made an impact on their lives. It’s evident that he’s at the core of a team where he really cares about the members, and about the impact of the work that he produces. He’s an integral part of our global community and a deserves recognition for motivating us all to produce great results. Congratulations, Tony! 


Please join us in celebrating our outstanding employees this year. Congratulations to each of them and good luck in 2023!