RightShip features in BBC series ‘Blue Horizons’

In a collaboration with the BBC, we have released a compelling case study that shows how the Port of London Authority is using MEP to reduce port emissions and improve air quality. Developed as part of the BBC’s Blue Horizons series, the film is a fantastic showcase for the MEP – displaying its versatility and powerful data-driven insights.

RightShip features in ‘Blue Horizons’, a BBC series exploring the connection between the ocean and our daily lives. Presented by the World Ocean Council and produced by BBC StoryWorks, the series showcases a wide range of stories and technologies. In ours, we show the transformative power of data to help the Port of London Authority (PLA) decarbonise.  

At the centre of this story is the Maritime Emissions Portal (MEP), our innovative digital platform that aggregates and visualises shipping emissions in-port. We explore why the MEP is revolutionary and see how the PLA is using it to make more informed decisions about decarbonisation.