RightShip bags Analytics - Shipping accolade at 2023 SBR Technology Excellence Awards

The company sets new standards in the maritime industry with its Crew Welfare Self-Assessment Tool.

RightShip, a leading maritime risk management and environmental assessment organisation have won the Analytics - Shipping award at the 2023 SBR Technology Excellence Awards. The prestigious awards program celebrates companies that have used technology to transform industries and business models by going beyond expectations. 

RightShip has been recognised for its Crew Welfare Self-Assessment tool, which matches questions to the 52 clauses in the Code of Conduct. The tool is hosted on RightShip’s website and helps ship owners and operators track their performance across seven sections such as shipowner/ship operator commitments, fair terms of employment, crewing approach, crew wellbeing, crew protection, addressing seafarer grievances, and implementation of the Code of Conduct. 

By answering a set of yes or no questions and rating their organisation’s performance in multiple choice questions, participants can evaluate whether they fall into the basic, intermediate, or advanced category in terms of their crew welfare performance. This allows ship owners and operators to identify areas for improvement and demonstrates their commitment to crew welfare. 

Once an assessment is completed, confirmation of this appears on the vessel page of the RightShip Platform. They’re also sent a PDF summary of their submission, which lasts for 12 months, and reminders are sent as the date for renewal approaches. The Platform’s dashboard enables participants to measure progress in each of the sections over time. 

To date, 260 DOC company submissions have been made, covering nearly 7,000 vessels. Assuming 30 crew on a vessel, this impacts at least 210,000 seafarers. Whilst a direct correlation between those completing the self-assessment and good crew welfare practices has not been established, RightShip is hopeful that those who put themselves forward will be willing to undergo further scrutiny and welcome more rigorous regulation. 

Furthermore, RightShip understands that the power of consumers and other stakeholders is coming into its own. As members of a container working group, alongside some powerful industry players, they know that these organisations are keen to demonstrate their ESG efforts without greenwashing. They believe that these organisations want to do the right thing, and they have the gravitas to develop this promise, lift standards, and clean up supply chains. 

RightShip’s tools enable maritime stakeholders to make informed choices about the vessels they choose to work on or the charterers they work for. The organisation's assessments highlight those organisations that are trying their hardest to go beyond compliance and demonstrate best practices for their future and existing crew members. 

With their Crew Welfare Self-Assessment Tool, RightShip is leading the way in providing clear visibility to owners and operators who are committed to crew welfare. They continue to innovate and develop new ways to improve crew welfare, and their tools enable stakeholders to make informed choices about their vessels or charterers. RightShip is committed to lifting standards, cleaning up supply chains, and making the maritime industry an industry that causes zero harm. 

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