RightShip announces new Platform

In this blog post, RightShip CEO Martin Crawford-Brunt discusses the challenges the maritime community is facing and the reasons why it’s launching a new digital platform, despite this unprecedented time of change.

This is certainly not the year any of us had planned. And yet, life rarely goes to plan. It’s not the challenges that define us, but the way in which we respond to them. With that in mind, I wanted to take the opportunity to explain the reasons why we are forging ahead on a major project delivery, in the hope that we can have a positive impact in this incredibly difficult moment in our industry’s history.  

RightShip has been working on upgrades to our platform and services over the last two years, with input from many people in the industry. The plan was to launch our new platform in 2020 and I have weighed up the costs and benefits of proceeding at this time.


Why we’re launching the new RightShip platform as planned 


This year I have seen first–hand the disruption coronavirus has caused our teams and the industry as a whole. Not only has shipping been significantly impacted, people across the supply chain have also faced unprecedented challenges.  

Therefore, I have taken the decision to provide advanced notice of the upcoming changes to our digital platform and begin to roll out slowly in the coming months. You may believe it is an unusual time to release new technology. However, with no end to social distancing in sight, I am committed to ensuring safety remains a priority, and this platform will help to deliver that.  

I understand that while members of our maritime community manage working from home, communication is essential. As we transition from one platform to another, our team will work to ensure everyone is supported and informed. 


We are confident the platform will provide several benefits that the industry needs now: 


  • All services will be available in one easy-to-use digital portal, accessible through desktop, mobile and tablet   
  • The new platform will provide greater transparency to our services such as vet requests and status updates, plus new ways to communicate with our experts and other industry stakeholders    
  • It provides increased stability and versatility to support you in your daily operations

Finally, our upgraded platform will support our industry’s need to work remotely and through digital means for as long as required.   

We have created a microsite: ComingSoon.RightShip.com

This will enable anyone to learn more about these changes at a time that suits them.  

I appreciate your support and efforts as we work to improve safety, sustainability and seafarer wellbeing despite the extraordinary environment we’re living in.

As I said, life rarely goes to plan, but I believe the ability of our industry to respond and adapt to challenges is a testament to the passion, skill and dedication of every member of our community.  

Together, we can deliver on a safer more environmentally sustainable industry which rewards good behaviour.