RightShip Announces Key Changes and Updates to RISQ 2.0

RightShip updates RISQ 3.0 guidelines with anticipated implementation date of June 30, 2023

In February 2023, RightShip conducted its periodic review of the RISQ.  This considered and incorporated feedback from the industry as well as the latest industry guidelines and regulations. Within RISQ 3.0, the updates, summarised in Annex C, include clarifications, and some key changes including: 

  1. Vessel Manager - A section titled Engaging with the inspector - Code of conduct was included for clarity conduct expectations for parties involved in Inspections.  
  2. Adoption of the term Finding. The word non-conformity has been replaced with the word Finding. This will be replicated into the application and platform to coincide with the final implementation date. 

The anticipated date for the implementation of RISQ 3.0 is June 30, 2023. This timeline will allow the ship's manager sufficient opportunity to assess and apply relevant modifications to RISQ 3.0 by carefully reviewing Annex C and consulting the relevant inspection enquiries and recommendations.  

You can download RISQ 3.0 here 

Please email us at risq@rightship.com if you have any technical questions.