Press Release: RightShip partners with Sea/ to provide customers with enhanced maritime due diligence service

Leading maritime due diligence and risk management firm RightShip and the world’s first end-to-end digital shipping platform Sea/, have today announced a strategic partnership for customers of Sea/trade and RightShip that will provide a frictionless due diligence journey. 

London 21st September 2021: It is the first data partnership of its kind for RightShip and will strengthen the pre-fixture process in a manner that has been previously unavailable in the industry. Initially RightShip and Sea/ will harness an Application Programming Interface (API) that enables Sea/ to surface RightShip data for the benefit of shared customers.

The integration will give Sea/trade customers access to RightShip’s Safety Score, GHG Rating and RightShip Dry Bulk Inspections outcomes without leaving the Sea/trade platform, providing increased digital agility.  This partnership will allow users to make informed chartering decisions much sooner in the process, saving time that would previously have been spent pursuing vessels that would not be viable.

The negotiation and fixture management module, Sea/trade, provides a compliant and collaborative deal capture and negotiation platform for charterers, owners and brokers that brings efficiencies and enhanced governance to the tendering process.

The digital integration partnership is a strong step forward for RightShip as the company seeks to promote improved industry data sharing and standardisation to provide more consistent and robust outcomes that have real-world implications for the entire supply chain. Likewise, this matches the ambition of Sea/, whose goals are to bring efficiencies to the fixture workflow process through digitisation. The RightShip partnership, as part of the Sea/ Partner programme, will help progress this further and create a seamless integration across platforms.

With all of the information needed in one location, the workflow will be more efficient, and teams can make fast and accurate safety, sustainability and crew welfare decisions. 

RightShip CEO, Steen Lund, said of the partnership: “We are committed to digital partnerships that help us, and the industry achieve shared goals. RightShip has an ambitious vision for a maritime industry that causes zero-harm. This is not something we can achieve alone, and we are pleased to partner with Sea/ to deliver an API within their Sea/trade platform. We are aligned in our aspirations for the maritime sector.” 

Tarun Mehrotra, RightShip’s Chief Strategy Officer added: “Our team is exploring expanding our partnerships ecosystem that enables us to reduce the current fragmentation of due diligence data. This partnership with Sea/ represents an important step in reducing the barriers to data access for customers and achieve effective standardisation and increased efficiency for the market. We are optimistic about adding additional features and access after a successful trial.”  

Alex Gray, Head of Commercial Partnerships at Sea/ said: “The integration of RightShip within Sea/trade furthers our commitment to developing solutions that reflects the needs of our customers and the wider industry. Partnering with RightShip is an important step in our partnership programme and we are excited to be working alongside RightShip and developing this partnership to allow our customers to charter with confidence.”


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Established in 2001, RightShip is the world’s biggest third party maritime due diligence organisation, providing expertise in global safety, sustainability and social responsibility practises. Founded with the mission to drive operational improvements in the global shipping industry, more than 3,000 people use RightShip’s due diligence, environmental and inspections services to help them manage risk and improve overall maritime safety standards.


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Sea/ is a suite of digital tools-for-trade for the maritime industry which enhance the way shipping professionals work. The Sea/ platform enables traders, charterers, operators, owners, brokers and analysts to make informed decisions and manage freight transactions from start to finish by digitising workflows. In doing so, it helps all involved to realise efficiencies and unlock commercial opportunities. This is smarter shipping.


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