Paris MoU: withdrawal of data

Statement on Paris MoU decision to withdraw PSC data.

We were disappointed to learn that Paris MoU will be withdrawing its PSC data in a format that allows us, and many others across the maritime industry, to access and utilise it efficiently.

We have met with Paris MoU secretariat to discuss this decision, which was taken by the Committee representing its Member States. They confirmed that this decision was not made to directly target RightShip.

Paris MoU acknowledge the safety and environmental benefits that RightShip delivers – partly through use of this data – which they will continue to supply in its current form until the end of the year (December 2018). After this, the data will remain available both through the Paris MoU and Equasis websites on a vessel-by-vessel basis. Unfortunately the extraction and cleansing of data in this format is inefficient and may result in delays for customers.

RightShip employs a predictive risk model which is under continuous development based on re-training of the algorithm, customer feedback and the domain knowledge and experience of our team. Our model receives data from several sources and this PSC data feed in the current format is one of many inputs.

This decision provides us with an opportunity to accelerate planned refinements to our risk management practises and algorithm, however we acknowledge that having this data feed in a usable format is beneficial. We will continue to work with Paris MoU secretariat and member states to support our mutual objectives of improved maritime safety, quality and sustainability in the maritime industry.



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RightShip provides vetting and inspection services to the dry bulk, petroleum, chemical and gas sectors.

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