Notice to Intercargo members

Membership adjustment in RightShip Qi 

Since February 2008, in recognition of the quality objectives and synergies between INTERCARGO’s “Benchmarking Bulk Carriers” and RightShip’s then online vetting tool, SVIS, INTERCARGO members have received a small positive adjustment to the risk rating in the RightShip algorithm.

INTERCARGO membership remain synonymous with quality in dry bulk shipping, however significant changes in use of this big data and predictive analytics over recent years has resulted in improved data and a more sophisticated algorithm to measure maritime risk. These advancements have been incorporated into our new vetting platform, RightShip Qi. As a result it is now more accurate to directly recognise the safety and quality improvements made by members in the operation of their vessels without the historic INTERCARGO adjustment.

Therefore in consultation with INTERCARGO we have agreed to proceed as follows:

  • From 01 November 2018, new vessels entered under INTERCARGO membership will not receive the additional membership adjustment in the model
  • The effect of this additional adjustment for existing vessels under INTERCARGO membership will be phased out over the subsequent twelve months.

In recognition of the INTERCARGO screening process and above-average vessel quality, this membership will continue to be displayed on the vessel dashboard of RightShip Qi.

We appreciate all efforts made by INTERCARGO to improve safety in dry bulk shipping and wish to continue and deepen our co-operation around this common objective.

For specific member or vessel queries please contact your local RightShip office:

RightShip Australasia
+ 61 3 8686 5750

RightShip Americas
+ 1 832 770 8200

RightShip Europe, Middle East & Africa
+ 44 203 872 5900