How the Maritime Emissions Portal is contributing to the decarbonisation of Japanese ports

RightShip’s groundbreaking emissions-tracking technology Maritime Emissions Portal (MEP) has been employed for the first time in Japan by the Port of Yokohama.  

Yokohama has long been a pioneering and forward-looking port, and, in 2021, it announced its intention to become carbon neutral and to contribute to a global Green Shipping Corridor. MEP is the ideal solution for this mission.  

MEP is a powerful tool that calculates 16 key air emissions from vessels, using Automatic Identification System (AIS) data and innovative heatmapping technology to give ports a comprehensive view of the environmental impact of shipping within port boundaries and in the surrounding areas.  

With an intuitive workflow, MEP enables ports to develop effective decarbonisation strategies and track their impact over time. Crucially, it also enables ports like Yokohama to benchmark environmental performance, identify best practices, and collaborate with potential partners to achieve the common goal of a Green Shipping Corridor.  

We are excited to work with the Port of Yokohama, and to contribute to the decarbonisation of Japanese ports and shipping worldwide.