Global Inspections activity map - September 2022

RS inspection activity map Sept 22.png

From 3 October 2022, all Rightship inspections will use RISQ 2.0 and the old format, which includes forms FODO 4/5/6 will be retired. All changes and updates from RISQ 1.0 are included in Annex B at the end of the RISQ 2.0 document.

The call for RightShip inspections worldwide remained strong during September, although restrictions on inspections in many Chinese ports continues to drive global re-distribution, with South Korea and the United States seeing increased applications above the long-term average. 

Inspections at Chinese shipyards, where attendance can be arranged also remain strong, but these often come with additional testing and enforced pre- and post-inspection quarantine for the inspector. An easing of restrictions for returning inspectors has seen travel from Singapore to nearby countries such as Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia to undertake inspections increase in the last month, a return to pre-covid arrangements.

Operation status - RightShip inspections:

Ideally, inspections should be conducted at discharge ports or anchorages. Performing RightShip inspections while in dry dock is not something we recommend to any operator, but we will accept applications where there are no alternatives to support the commercial requirements of the vessel.

Ship operators should be aware that the number of findings will invariably be higher when the ship is under repair, as normal shipboard routines have been interrupted. RightShip continues to target certain locations with current and future higher demand, to recruit and accredit additional inspectors for those areas.

Plan for RightShip inspection:

Numerous impediments, such as weather, local government restrictions, existing planned and scheduled inspections mean an inspector is already committed, and requests at short notice may limit availability.  

A proactive vessel operator will plan, not delay the inspection to the last minute and will use the RightShip Inspection Ship Questionnaire (RISQ) to ensure the vessel is ready in all respects. It is also crucial to prepare ahead and discuss the vessel's forward itinerary with the RightShip Inspections team, so they can investigate all available options. The RightShip team can be contacted at or you can read more on the vessel inspection page.