Exploring product growth and innovation

In this article, RightShip’s Chief Product Officer, Christopher Saunders explains why our product team is growing and outlines the long-term vision for our Platform  

The maritime industry is changing rapidly, with digitisation of products and services having a significant impact on the way we do business. We need to be ready to respond to market shifts and ensure that we continue to help our customers through this evolution.  

Given the extent to which we must transform, RightShip requires a larger product team, which will in turn help us unlock more potential in our offering.  


Growing to influence 

I’m passionate about making the maritime industry safer. It gets under your skin, especially for those of us who have worked at sea and have seen the implications of due diligence processes first-hand.   

The product team is growing fast. A bigger product team helps us to enhance our level of reach and influence in the industry. We have so much vetting expertise in our organisation, and we can have a bigger impact in the coming years.  

For example, we have always had a charterer focus, but we have a growing range of customer types that can benefit from our solutions, including ship owners, ports, terminals and associations. We want to tailor our offering to these groups to ensure their needs are met.  


Supercharging our Platform 

To better service a broader selection of customer segments, we are integrating more elements into the Platform. The Maritime Emissions Portal (MEP), a service for ports, is an example of this, and will be available in the Platform soon. We are also adding smaller features and functionality to provide a seamless user experience.   

Importantly, we are strengthening the data that underpins our Platform to make better use of our unique insights, as this is what sets RightShip apart. This includes our proprietary PSC close out and physical inspection data. With all activity taking place in the Platform, we will be better placed to give you more comprehensive insights as part of the due diligence process.  


Future innovation 

Innovation is not just about big technological ambition, it also takes places in our internal processes, communication and new concepts.  

It’s the key to solving industry challenges and staying relevant, too. With the advent of autonomous shipping taking place, we need to be thinking about what the world will look like five to 10 years from now and that means pioneering and innovating to remain an industry leader.  

Innovation is what’s required to drive true change and have the impact we’re all striving for. 



RightShip's team is growing. Look through our current job listings on our careers page and start your professional journey supporting a maritime industry that causes zero harm.