Collaboration is needed for future-focused maritime strategies

In this article, RightShip CEO Steen Lund discusses the current status of the Safety Score and Platform, as well as highlights his commitment to future digitisation of our industry

After joining RightShip in December, I have spent a great deal of time immersing myself in the new Platform and Safety Score. It is an excellent communication tool that we believe will improve workflows for you, our customers. It is time to do away with email trails and ensure that we provide the market with improved traceability and enhanced response times when we formally launch on February 8th.  

First, I would like to thank the industry for working with us during this transition and providing a tremendous amount of feedback. This has been incredibly valuable for us in structuring the Platform and ensuring it supports your needs.  

For those owning and managing vessels who want to improve their Safety Score, we have provided clearer indications of which factors weigh more and less. We hope this helps eliminate any confusion and better guide owners in their pursuit of excellence.  

This is positive not only in terms of the Safety Score service, but we hope it will help RightShip improve our communication with owners, as we seek to work closely with this customer group to further explore safety, decarbonisation and sustainable journeys. 

Our team has worked hard to deliver the best possible product to meet the needs of charterers, owners and additional customer groups.  

We are exploring more opportunities to further refine our data and make even better use of it, for broad industry benefit. For example, we look to create better data-based insights during the inspection process. All of our future innovation will be underpinned by technology that delivers transparency and clear paths to improvement.   

A collaborative approach to digitisation  


Beyond the launch of the Safety Score and Platform on February 8th, we have begun to explore the ways that we can work with you to tackle some of the key issues that our industry faces and consider how we might apply digital solutions. We are actively seeking the inspiration, buy-in and the support of our customers as we build collaborative partnerships.  

While vetting and inspections are our current mainstay, we are building solutions with the support of potential future partners. We seek a holistic discussion to integrate safety, crew needs and sustainability. With this in mind, our focus should include the potential of the GHG rating and Maritime Emissions Portal along with the Safety Score to ensure we can create a complete picture that can be put to use across multiple industry sectors.  

The most effective change will come about through broad alignment and a shared vision. I therefore encourage you to reach out to us at RightShip if you want to collaborate on future-focused maritime strategies around safety, sustainability and the social element of seafarers.  

Presently, we are exploring potential partnerships and bolstering the capacity within our Singapore product and innovation hub, where we acquire the competence to build strong future solutions.  

To learn more about RightShip’s innovation plans or enquire about partnership opportunities, please contact