RightShip’s Safety Score and Vessel Vetting

Our vetting process involves a range of inputs and assessments, in addition to the Safety Score, to establish whether your chosen vessel is a suitable partner, based on our vetting standard and your bespoke vetting criteria.

RightShip can vet any vessel with a Safety Score between one and five. Provided the vessel meets RightShip’s minimum vetting standard and the customer's additional criteria, the vessel could receive an ‘acceptable’ recommendation.

Indicative scores

Additional checks are carried out for vessels with an indicative Safety Score. These types of scores are provided to customers as an indication that further data or investigation is needed. Examples of vessels with an indicative Safety Score include vessels with a lack of historical data, such as its trading behaviour, inspection and reporting. There could be outstanding information that needs review by a vetting superintendent. Alternatively, indicative scoring can be used to identify riskier vessels associated with abandonment cases.


Safety Score N/A and Zero

Vessels which are marked N/A are out of scope for the Safety Score. In some cases, these vessels may receive an “acceptable” recommendation once the vetting process has been completed.

However, vessels with a Safety Score of zero have been flagged as sanctioned. These vessels cannot receive a positive vetting outcome therefore the “request a vet” button is disabled for these vessels.

Safety Score 1 and 2

In the case of lower performance at the vessel and / or DOC levels, our vetting process includes additional checks that will be performance to support the recommendation of the vessel. This takes place before the final recommendation. These final risk mitigation steps could include:

  • Full review of the Safety Score
  • Request the close out report for PSC deficiencies
  • Request for an up to date Class and Statutory Survey Status
  • Additional review on the vessel technical manager/ DOC holder
  • Close out reports for any open incidents
  • Valid RS inspection if vessel is showing unsatisfactory performance

Safety Score 3 - 5

These vessels have been highlighted as working towards best practise in safe operations. In order to complete the full RightShip due diligence process, customers must complete a vet for these vessels. The outcome includes a timestamped recommendation based on the vessel’s specification, particular cargo and determined voyage.