Vetting outcomes: acceptable or unacceptable

RightShip employs a global team of vetting superintendents, with varied experience and background by ship type and trade, who fully understand ship operations, compliance and risk. They are located strategically across RightShip’s offices to cover all time zones and share expertise in order to provide an ‘acceptable’ recommendation that meets our standard criteria.

The superintendent team will review all open items, including detentions, deficiencies and incidents. Where there are performance gaps, additional checks will be undertaken. Unless the necessary corrective actions are completed by the operator, to the satisfaction of the RightShip vetting superintendent, RightShip will not be in the position to make a recommendation on that vessel for the voyage under consideration.

A vessel that receives an ‘acceptable’ recommendation may exhibit the following operational performance standards:

  • High standard of close-outs into any incident, PSC, detention or adverse report
  • No on-going abandonment cases
  • Not appearing on any PSC MoU banned lists
  • No overdue surveys or conditions of class
  • No history of being Dis-Classed or Class suspended as a result of performance or failure to complete class requirements
  • Vessels with a valid ‘acceptable’ RightShip dry bulk inspection

Once all the checks are complete, with all data and responses reviewed, the RightShip vetting superintendent provides a recommendation on the vessel under consideration. Each vetting recommendation is specific to the vet requestor and is only valid at the time of recommendation for the nominated vessel and voyage under consideration. A new vet will be required to consider a new vessel for the same voyage, or once the original recommendation expires.